Review: The Queen of Traitors by Laura Thalassa

Reviewed by Jen

This book was an awful lot like the first one in the series. For some readers, that is going to be a major plus, but others might find it a little too familiar. Of course, I want a series to maintain its tone and feel from book to book. But with the amnesia Serenity has at the beginning of the story, she ends up following a very very similar emotional journey to the one she had in The Queen of All That Dies.

The amnesia itself does not last all that long, but the fallout takes us, I don’t know, nearly midway through the book. And as she recovers her memories, it’s almost like she is living them again, working through them the same way she did initially. Which means hating her husband, plotting his death, fighting her feelings for him.

Eventually, yes, we do move past this. But the lack of character growth for either serenity or Montes is a bit disappointing. Neither has grown at all from how they feel for each other or from the progression of the plot. For instance, Serenity is just as blood thirsty and angry as she ever was. The king is just as greedy, selfish and autocratic. I don’t think it would be right for either of them to betray who they are on a base level, but really, the journey is supposed to change them… at least a little. The only real difference here is that their feelings for each other have grown. It doesn’t transform them. And that is kind of a bummer.

This is a transition book, for sure. It follows these two from their real beginning of their joining to the beginning of their next phase of life. They both acknowledge their love for each other, such as it is. They see each other more clearly than ever before. But the king really frustrates me. I know he supposed to be strong and alpha and powerful. But more than anything, he comes across like a spoiled child. And it’s really the only facet of his character that the author shows us.

Was it a bad book? No. It feels a lot like the first book, which I liked, but it’s not what I felt it should’ve been. It’s not what it needed to be to make me fall deeper into these characters or invest in their relationship. And the ending? It’s only further illustrated the king’s character flaws. It didn’t convince me that he loved Serenity. If anything, it only further reinforced his selfishness.

Of course I will read book 3. I need to see how this all ends. Hopefully, these characters will grow from this journey. But only time will tell.

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The Queen of Traitors
by Laura Thalassa
Release Date: January 13, 2016
Publisher: Lavabrook Publishing

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