DNF Review: Catch a Killer by Kris Rafferty

Reviewed by Debz

This book was set up to be everything I loved. A serial killer doing his thing and killing all the people, a brazen female law enforcement agent who has made it her life’s mission to catch him and, in between, a slow simmering love story.

But ALAS, I was disappointed. This book was honestly so flat and boring to me. I could not connect with any of the characters and I was not invested in the story. Not even the bombing and almost death of the main characters could shake off the absolute drudgery of the book.

Let’s start from the beginning. Hannah Cambridge is an FBI special agent trying to get her life back together after the death of her partner and lover Jack Benton. Hannah is not just distraught and despondent; she is also pregnant and afraid for her life because her partner was killed my a notorious crime lord hell bent to killing her as well.

This leads Hannah to leave D.C and basically live incognito in Boston. Hannah is still an agent, by the way, but she doesn’t interact with the other officers on a social level and no one, save her kindly old neighbor and best friend know about her baby girl, Ellen.

The situation gets interesting during the course of finding a serial killer who has been killing lonely people using the stanzas of the poem ‘Broken Love.’ It comes to light that Hannah is one of the intended victims when she gets a note with her stanza of the poem. This is what prompts, surprise, surprise Jack Benton (the arsehole who played dead) to come out from his undercover stint.

Honestly, Jack was a douche-canoe. Who goes undercover and leaves it to their boss to tell their loved ones any story they can come up with? No heads up or nothing. Like he just left this poor lady out to dry and went on his merry way for a useless undercover mission. The truth is that he couldn’t deal with the problems in their relationship anymore and he needed an out. What a charmer. UGH…

Then there was this weird love triangle thing the author tried to do there with Jack-Hannah and Det. Padriac Ferguson. It just didn’t take, though. Even when Jack hadn’t made his grand re-appearance from the dead, you could tell that Hannah wasn’t really into Det. Ferguson, but he just kept pushing his luck. And then when Jack got back, he started feeling righteous indignation and protectiveness for his territory. It was a whole messy situation.

A main issue for me was how no one knew about the existence of Ellen. How did no one notice that Hannah was pregnant in Washington, then pregnant in Boston, and then had a child who she needed to breastfeed and take care of? Does this really happen in real life? I’m genuinely curious and honestly annoyed at her so called  co-workers and neighbors. No one got to know about the baby until Hannah went into a coma at the end of the book. (No, I still couldn’t finish it on the 2nd read, so I just read the last chapter and the epilogue).

There were also side plots of secondary characters falling in love intermittently and it was really boring. The main story arc was not in good enough shape to support these extra ridiculous storylines.

Anyway, the slow pace and frankly annoying love story detracted greatly from any enjoyment I could have gained from this crime procedural. It just felt wooden and forced. Like the characters really didn’t want to be in the story and they were being blackmailed.

God might touch my heart to give it a 3rd try but let’s not count on it.

Rating: DNF

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Catch a Killer
by Kris Rafferty
Release Date: June 12, 2018
Publisher: Kensington

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