Joint Review: The Lady is Daring by Megan Frampton

Reviewed by Jen & Sara

Jen: I have a hit and miss relationship with books from Megan Frampton. Sometimes I like them a lot, while some of them have just been OK. This third installment in the Duke’s Daughters series, I thought, was one of her better ones.

The heroine is intelligent, yet socially awkward sister, Ida. She is not exactly a darling of the ton as she would rather wax on about interesting facts she has learned, than titter about the weather or bonnets and fripperies. She has essentially resigned herself to a life without a husband. After all, who would welcome her eccentricities? All she wants is a little bit of freedom. That, and to find her older sister, Della, who ran away with the wrong man to elope. Ida’s timetable is pushed into high gear when her mother decides to marry her off to a man who is both dull and a little bit dumb. So at her first chance, she swipes a convenient carriage and runs away. Too bad Lord Carson is passed out in the back.

Bennett was actually tapped two marry two of Ida’s sisters on different occasions, but his attention was fixed firmly on his family’s estates. His dad has squandered their finances on supporting his mistress and illegitimate children. Much like Ida, Bennett dreams of escaping the strictures of his responsibilities and position. Waking up in the middle of Ida’s impromptu adventure is exactly what he needs. At first, he sticks around to keep her safe, but he is quickly charmed by her ideas, her frankness, and her beauty.

Though there were times I felt there was too fine a point placed on how smart Ida was supposed to be, I did appreciate how she bravely rejected a life she didn’t want; instead she embarked on a mission to save a sister who thought she had to survive without the help or support of her family. Ida is very forthright, which I liked, and it made for some solid, enthusiastic consent when it was time to get down to business. Bennett is responsible and trustworthy without ever traversing into being dull. Their budding relationship is a bit easy–one built of forced proximity–but it was a warm and pleasant journey.

Sara: I absolutely agree! I loved Ida and Bennett. Aside from Ida’s occasional bouts of know-it-allism, both she and Bennett were some of the nicest characters I’ve read in ages. Ida is quirky without being obnoxious or out of place for the time period and Bennett may not be the alpha-type character found in many Historicals, but he’s no less accomplished or handsome. His steadfastness, kindness and willingness to put those he loves, whether it’s his family or Ida, above his own interests is what makes him fantastic. Both characters are incredibly loyal to their families, particularly their siblings, even to their own detriment. Ida and Bennett aren’t the classic opposites attract pairing, but rather a happy surprise that wouldn’t have occurred without their unplanned adventure.

While their relationship may have come a bit easy, it hit all the right notes for me. Both characters feel lost within their roles, Ida as the dutiful daughter and as a woman with a mind of her own in a society that has very set boundaries for women, and Bennett who is forced to manage both his father and his illegitimate family and his bedridden mother. The forced proximity of their situation allows them time together in which they’re able to really learn each other. The scene in which Bennett remembers how Ida takes her tea, something her own mother has never managed to learn, may seem simple, but is incredibly heartwarming and really highlights how the two are able to find each other on the way to finding Della.

Jen: There are some fairly steamy sexy times and a few instances where Bennett gives Ida leave to take the lead. (I liked this! It was empowering for Ida and it never crossed over into any D/s themes.)

Sara: I love that Bennett lets Ida take charge. Again, it’s very sweet. There are no dark undertones. It’s just Bennett, knowing Ida is a someone who loves knowledge and is someone who feels constrained by the roles for her gender, allowing her a bit of knowledge and freedom. Understanding that while she wants experience and knowledge, Ida’s also very inexperienced, Bennett is careful to be patient and aware of Ida and her needs. This awareness of Ida and the affection these two have for each other, this wonderful kind affection that always takes into account the other’s feelings, makes their play in the bedroom super steamy. Of course, it’s that same awareness of the other’s needs and kind affection that almost keeps Ida and Bennett apart, but ,thankfully, that’s overcome. Thank God for HEA’s!

Jen: Overall, I liked this story and even though it was part of a series, I felt it held up well as a standalone.

Sara: The Lady Is Daring definitely stood up as a standalone, and was exactly the kind of heartfelt and thoughtful Romance I needed.

Sara’s rating: A/A-

Jen’s rating: B

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The Lady Is Daring
by Megan Frampton
Release Date: September 25, 2018
Publisher: Avon

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