Review: Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

Reviewed by Elise

This right here is the book that started my romance addiction. I can’t quite describe the emotional turmoil I experienced reading this book (and the sequels) for the first time. Sure I had read books that I had loved and connected with, but that sense of connection was more remote. Most of those books were fantasy books and not as real as romance. I felt every cringe worthy moment. Every humiliation and anxiety and look and hope. I re-read this book often and it never fails to elicit the same sense of emotion as the first time. Look at me, I’m getting all emotional just thinking about it.

Blaire Wynn moves to Rosmary Beach after the death of her mother. She was her mother’s caretaker for the final three years of her life. Blaire was left alone with this responsibility following the departure of her father who couldn’t cope with the death of Blaire’s twin sister. Are you crying yet?

She packs her life into her pick up (or ute as we call them here Down Under) and relocates to live with her dad and his new family. After a cross country drive, Blaire arrives to find her father away on holiday with his wife and a large party underway at the address she was given. She is very quickly given the brush off by a cold and ruthless stepbrother by the name of Rush. Blaire is proud and stubborn and Rush is under a false impression of the kind of person Blaire is. He graciously offers her the use of a servants room behind the pantry. With no other choice, Blaire accepts and so begins her life at Rosmary Beach.

Blaire finds a job and friends and generally settles into life at Rosmary Beach. Rush finds women, women, and more women, but gradually begins to see that Blaire is not there to take advantage of him. Did I mention he is mega rich?

Both Blaire and Rush have parents that have very little interest in their children. Rush’s sister Nanette is a spoiled and petty brat. Rather than bonding with her newest family member, Nanette is horrible to Blaire and takes every opportunity to make her life miserable.

Despite the odds, there is mutual sexual attraction between the pair. This is not a friends to lovers deal. They don’t pretend to be friends as an excuse to spend time together. There is always the lingering attraction and ┬áThese barriers provide enough angst to move even the coldest heart.

There are always criticisms of the genre in their portrayal of women. I am a fan of strong and independent women and to an extent Blaire is this. She took care of her mother, graduated high school and picked up the pieces of her life when all seemed lost. I do have issue with the fact that virginal woman are paraded around as the gold standard of femininity and having a robust sex life as a woman is frowned upon. Does this effect my reading of the book? Nah, because I know it’s a work of fiction. I like to be able to find characters I can identify with but I can still enjoy a book precisely because it is so different. It’s my not so secret indulgence.

This book does not have a HEA. It ends on a cliffhanger and leaves you wanting to the next book like your next breath. Enjoy this series for what it is – a work of fiction. It is definitely worthy of a read.

Rating: B

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Fallen Too Far
by Abbi Glines
Release Date: December 14, 2012

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