Review: Night and Silence by Seanan McGuire

Reviewed by Jen

I never felt completely ok with the resolution of Toby’s relationship with her daughter. A few books back, Gillian made the Changeling’s Choice and she opted to become fully human. Toby honored those wishes and stepped out of her child’s life. But now, Gillie has been kidnapped again, and human or not, she will never be someone who Toby could turn her back on. So our heroine must put past hurts aside to help her ex-fiance and his current wife find the girl they’d raised as their own.

Right away, we know this kidnapping has a connection to the Fae. There are hex bags in Gillie’s room and someone is leaving clues that count on Toby’s special skills to track her through false trails and traps. The story follows her efforts to figure out who snatched her daughter and bring the girl home, all while mending the relationship with Tybalt so badly damaged by his kidnapping in the last book.

It was a pretty good story, though the “rescue Gillian” plot felt a little familiar. So did Toby’s succession of near-death experiences. The poor woman is constantly savaged from the beginning of the book to the end and I’ve grown kind of accustomed to her nearly bleeding out in every installment. All that being said, I still enjoyed the ride, because the writing is great, the world building is immersive, and these characters are ones I have grown to care about over the course of the series. I wanted Toby to get another chance with her daughter; I never tire of the Luidaig; and Tybalt is an awesome hero, one who never fails to put Toby first (something that she’s never had from anyone in her life.)

The book does manage to squeeze out a few surprises, like the hidden secrets revealed about Gillian’s stepmother… or the resolution to the Gilly storyline. But I’m not sure where we’re heading for any kind of climax in a series arc. This felt like a very insular chapter, rather than part of a bigger picture, even if some old snakes do come back to bite the good guys. I know there is another book ahead; I’m curious if it will be the last.

Overall, I think fans of the series will enjoy this, and the end will have some repercussions. It just doesn’t feel as big as some of the books that came before.

(PS – There is also a bonus novella included: “Suffer a Sea Change.” It gives us a peek behind the curtain from Gillian’s POV. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of hers. The way she has behaved toward Toby has been… less than stellar. But the novella made me hate her a little less.)

Rating: B/B+

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Night and Silence
by Seanan McGuire
Release Date: September 4, 2018
Publisher: DAW Books

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