Review: P.S. I Hate You by Winter Renshaw

Reviewed by Elise

Dear Isaiah,

Eight months ago, you were just a soldier about to be deployed and I was just a waitress, sneaking you a free pancake and hoping you wouldn’t notice that my gaze was lingering a little too long.

But you did notice.

We spent one life-changing week together before you left, and we said goodbye on day eight, exchanging addresses at the last minute.

I saved every letter you wrote me, your words quickly becoming my religion.

But you went radio silent on me months ago, and then you had the audacity to walk into my diner yesterday and act like you’d never seen me in your life.

To think … I almost loved you and your beautifully complicated soul.


Whatever your reason is—I hope it’s a good one.

Maritza the Waitress

PS – I hate you, and this time … I mean it.


When  I read the blurb of this book I was intrigued. I love a good star crossed romance and this seemed to fit the bill. Two people with chemistry, hindered by poor timing. What I liked about this book was that this particular letter above didn’t happen until the middle of the book. There was a good solid lead up to this point, laying the ground work for the relationship and the inevitable betrayal. The development of the relationship wasn’t rushed or forced; it flowed nicely from a series of serendipitous events.

I really liked the character of Maritza. She is feisty and independent and not afraid to say what she is thinking and feeling. She has a life of her own and, unlike other heroines in romance novels, isn’t afraid to move on when Isaiah is out of the picture. Isaiah on the other hand is not so open. He is honest to a point but keeps a lot of himself back. It isn’t until a pivotal moment in his life that he realizes the only person suffering from his lack of engagement is himself.

The introduction of Ian is an interesting inclusion in the story.  Ian’s presence was used well to drive a wedge between our lovers. I feel like he could have been used a bit more diabolically, more like the way he acted when he was younger.  I would have loved to see Maritza work out his act out on her own and give him the slap down he so rightly deserved. Rest assured he does get his just rewards. It just would have been more satisfying to include it in the body of the text, rather than the epilogue.

This goes into my pile of easy to read romances. The book is a full length novel but at 70K words was quick to read and easy on the brain. It’s winter here in Australia but come summer it should be on your summer beach reads list.

Rating: C+

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P.S. I Hate You
by Winter Renshaw
Release Date: March 26, 2018

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