Review: Sugar by Lauren Dane

Reviewed by Sara

“Sugar” is Lauren Dane’s sequel to her 2013 short story “Cake” and is definitely not a standalone story. It is, however, an interesting peek at a great couple that I was happy to connect with again.

Gregori and Wren have been together for years, but only now have situations, personal circumstances and Wren’s career aligned to make marriage a possibility. Together, marching to the beat of their own drum, they decide to elope and spend a week living the high life in New York City. Unfortunately, mechanical difficulties ground their flight and storms make travelling forward to New York an impossibility. The two find themselves stranded in Iowa. Instead of giving up on their wedding they quickly tie the knot and embark on a roadtrip honeymoon. Over the course of their travels they meet some interesting characters and encounter some highs and lows, but the focus of the trip is always on each other and their changing life together.

For fans of Lauren Dane, this is a fun and nostalgic novella. Gregori and Wren are a great couple who have grown wonderfully in their time off the page and are a treat to revisit. Their off the charts chemistry and witty banter make for great reading. Readers learn what the two have been up to in the time between “Cake” and “Sugar” and how they’ve matured together. There are also nods to Dane’s Brown Siblings series with an appearance of Elise and Brodie Brown and her Whiskey Sharp series, as Gregori is a cousin to Alexsei Petrov of the novel Unraveled.

While “Sugar” is a fun novella, there’s not a whole lot going on. It is more or less an account of Gregori and Wren’s roadtrip with some hot hotel sex thrown in for good measure.  It’s like the reunion episode of a reality series; we check in with Wren and Gregori, see that they’re fine and still hot for each other, check in with some older characters and briefly meet some new characters. There’s not a lot of drama or intrigue; it really just seems like a check in for the fans of Gregori and Wren.

While some might find “Sugar a bit dull, as a fan of Lauren Dane’s and as someone who enjoyed meeting Gregori and Wren in “Cake” way back in 2013, I was delighted to read this new novella and to catch up with the couple. This is a fun, albeit fairly uneventful, reunion with a fantastic couple.

Rating: B

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by Lauren Dane
Release Date: September 10, 2018
Publisher: Carina Press


ARC provided by publisher for honest review.

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