Review: Sweet on the Greek by Talia Hibbert

Reviewed by Caitlin

Surprise – this book is wonderful.

In fact, I’ve liked every single one of Talia Hibbert’s novels. I think if I had to rank them, the one that would come last would still earn a smiley face or three.

Sweet on the Greek is the third novel in the Just For Him series, and not only do I like it, it’s my favorite of the series.

Aria Granger is a bit of a mess. Because of an unhappy childhood, she looks for love wherever she can find it – even if the man she’s with is totally undeserving. She may look like a badass, with her towering height, tattoos, and unconventional hair color, but inside she’s still that little girl looking for connection.

In the first book of the series, her boyfriend attacks her roommate, having dated Aria for the sole purpose of getting to Jenny. Aria blames herself, and the end result of that is that she’s going to totally give up on love.

Nikolas Christou is an ex-football player and heir to a hotelier fortune. He’s bisexual and totally incapable of turning down sex, which puts him in some awkward situations. When he meets Aria, he is immediately head over heels in love. The problem is, of course, that Aria doesn’t trust herself around men, and so she won’t go near him with a 10-foot pole.

So Nikolas lies a little bit. Says he needs help keeping women (and men) away, and Aria could be his fake girlfriend/bodyguard when they go to his friend’s place in Spain for a weekend. Aria agrees – Nik is a friend of a friend, so not a total stranger when they first meet – and, naturally, falls in love with him. What is she going to do when she finds out Nik lied to her?

Well, I do love a fake relationship trope, and even though what Nik does is fucked up, he grovels pretty nicely over it while still giving Aria a respectable amount of space to make a decision on her own. Not only that, throughout the weekend with his friends, Nik is… perfect. Yes, it’s all built on a desperate lie so he would have a chance with Aria, but he is sexy, considerate, and totally focused on making sure Aria feels comfortable – and, when it comes to sexy times, more than comfortable.

(Nik is a giving man and willing to beg for it while sacrificing absolutely none of his masculinity, and I am here for it.)

Aria is a wonderful character, tough as nails and willing to assert herself the majority of the time while hiding her inner teddy bear the rest of the time. When she opens up to Nik, it’s a beautiful thing. Nik treasures the gift of her vulnerability.

Oh my god, just thinking about the two of them together is making me squeal.

Most of Romancelandia is already aboard the Talia Hibbert train, but if you’re not – what are you waiting for?

Rating: B+

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Sweet on the Greek
by Talia Hibbert
Release Date: July 20, 2018
Publisher: Nixon House

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