Review: Wild Like The Wind by Kristen Ashley

Reviewed by Sara

Wild Like the Wind is the sixth book in Kristen Ashley’s Chaos Motorcycle Club series. Like any Kristen Ashley novel you should not attempt to read it while wearing a non-waterproof mascara or without a jumbo box of Kleenex at the ready. It is also not a stand alone. Wild Like the Wind is not the book you want to use as a gateway to the rich world of alpha bikers with a heart of gold and the strong women who love them that Kristen Ashley’s created. If this review piques your interest though, go find Motorcycle Man, book 4 in the Dream Man series, which can be read as a standalone and will start you on the road to Chaos.

This story involves Keely Black and Shepherd “Hound” Ironside. Keely’s husband, Black, was a highly revered member of Chaos. He was the glue that held the brothers together, and when forces aligned themselves to take down the club 18 years ago, he was killed to further destabilize things. Keely, his widow, was deemed off limits by the brothers, but this doesn’t mean she’s been left in the cold. Chaos pledged its support to Keely and has been sending her checks monthly and helping her care for her two small boys. One member of Chaos who has always been there for Keely is Hound. In love with her since before she married Black, Hound has kept his feelings to himself while vowing to see that the needs of Keely and her family are met. If the garbage needs taking out, Hound does it. If the lawn needs fertilizing, Hound does it. If the boys, Dutch and Jagger, need a man to talk to and to buy them condoms, Hound does it. The only thing he doesn’t do is Keely, but he loves her.

After Keely loses her temper on Hound, she realizes that she loves him too and makes it her mission to not only tell him, but to start living like the wild and free biker queen she was before Black died. Hound is pretty easy to convince that a no strings, sex only relationship will work, but both Hound and Keely want more. Problems inevitably arise when misconceptions allow Hound to assume Keely’s not over her late husband and when Chaos discovers the two are together, but this love’s been building for 18 years and neither Hound or Keely are about to let it go without a fight.

Keely and Hound’s love story is fantastic. There’s something wonderful about watching Keely, a 40 something single mom with grown kids reach out and take what she wants in a relationship. Likewise, watching Hound risk everything, family, friends, his livelihood, etc. for Keely is equally satisfying. These are fully formed, mature characters who are sure of themselves, their wants, their desires and they want each other desperately.

For many readers, the idea of motorcycle clubs or bikers is a turn off because of the criminal element or the way the bikers have been written as leather-bound assholes who take a woman once they’ve determined she’s “theirs”. I completely understand and have certainly read my share of biker romances that just did not do it for me. However, while the members of Chaos are definitely rough around the edges, particularly Hound, they have been actively moving to legitimate businesses and business dealings over the series. While Wild Like the Wind does have an additional overarching storyline related to Chaos’ conflict with drug dealer, pimp and all around bad guy Valenzula, as well as a reemergence of a character from the club’s seedy origins, the focus of the novel and the entire Chaos series has always been on the romance between the biker brethren and their smart and strong women. Readers with a dislike of the darker biker romance elements can rest assured that the grittier Valenzula storyline takes a back seat to Hound and Keely’s story and acts mostly as a connection between all the Chaos novels and set up for the next and final book in the Chaos series.

Wild Like the Wind is a story of mature, enduring love, with a bit of a gritty edge. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next book in this series.

Rating: A+

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Wild Like the Wind
by Kristen Ashley
Release Date: July 31, 2018


  1. I can’t wait to start this series!

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