Review: Archangel’s Prophecy by Nalini Singh

Reviewed by Jen

Ho-lee cow. This book takes the Guild Hunter series in a bold new direction. Everything up until this point has been about building up Elena, Raphael, and their band of allies. Building their relationships… their power. But in this book, Elena is no longer becoming stronger. She is growing weaker, and it’s threatening to upend everything she’s worked for. Every day, she is regressing further and further into her humanity and Raphael grows in danger of losing what little humanity he’s gained through her love.

The Cascade is showing no signs of abating. This is the same cosmic event that has gifted Raphael with angelfire and filled him with new power. The same event that brought forth the Legion. The one that is threatening to turn Bluebell into an archangel before his time. Now it seems to have awoken the consciousness of an ancient who has been long asleep. She becomes a harbinger of the death looming over Elena’s shoulder. And our favorite hunter-born angel wants nothing to do with her prophecies. The only thing she is interested in –is protecting her family.

You see, someone tried to kill her brother-in-law and now, the killer could be after her sister and niece. The more Elena digs, the more disturbing the information she uncovers about the killer, his other victims, and ultimately, the reason for it all.

The book was very good. To be fair, it took me a while to remember everything that led us to where we were in the story, but Nalini Singh did a good job peppering in reminders without any big info dumps. There is a fair about of action and forward moving plot, but where this series shines is in the amazing cast of characters and their relationships with one another. I love the friendship between Elena and Bluebell. And I’m still invested in her dysfunctional relationship with her dad.

Then there’s the romance. It’s not small thing to keep a romance alive and interesting after this many books, but Singh does it and she does it well. The dynamic between Raphael and Elena is so visceral and sharp. They’re sexy together, but it’s more than that. I believe they need each other to survive, which is why the re-emergence of Elena’s mortality is such a gut-punch. As strong as he is, Raphael cannot live without her. And he will burn the world to keep her at his side. (*fans self*)

Fans of the series will really enjoy this one. I couldn’t put it down and I am waiting with bated breath to find out what will happen from here, because this ends on a pretty awesome cliffhanger that could turn the series on its heel.

Rating: A/A-

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Archangel’s Prophecy
by Nalini Singh
Release Date: October 30, 2018
Publisher: Berkley

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