Review: Breathe Again by Julie Trettel

Reviewed by Debz

I’m always down for a werewolf, shifter, mating book. It’s like a comforting blanket; I know what to expect and it’s very difficult to disappoint me. Thankfully, this did not do that… much.

This iteration is about shifters who have been half mated for more than a decade and now find their love again. In this world, shifters are allowed to marry who they want, or when fate intervenes, mate with their one true mate.

Elizabeth Collier and Cole Anderson know they are true mates and have known for the past decade or so. They are not together, however, because Elizabeth decided to be a martyr and marry another rich shifter in order to align her pack with them and bail her family out of starvation and poverty. She didn’t break if off gently, though, she laughed in Cole’s face and told him that they were never fated and she would not have married him anyway.

Elizabeth’s family is the alpha pack of Collier and her father is about to hand over power to her brother, Thomas. There is going to be a huge celebration and as a Beta pack member of the neighboring Westin Pack, it is Cole’s duty to attend and secure the ceremony. This means that Elizabeth and Cole will have to meet.

I was pissed at Elizabeth for most of this book. She was very annoying, and honestly, if I was Cole, I would not take her back. I’m an ultimate grudge holder and I just couldn’t understand how and why Cole was so super nice all the time. Everyone else acknowledged that when a mate bond is acknowledged but not completed, the male suffers to the point of insanity or even death. The fact that Cole was at the point of death for almost 10 years and was still able to become a pack Beta, tattoo artist and all round good person is a testament to his will, and he honestly deserved someone better.

This feeling of rage was even exacerbated by the fact that Elizabeth was a martyr for no reason. Her family was experiencing financial difficulties, you see. Her family relied primarily on money from farming, and a long winter means no crops or money. She decided without consulting any other family member to align herself and therefore her family with a rich shifter she met in college and abandon her true mate. She found out that her new beau is from a family of thuggish drug cartel members and she reported them to the Feds and even had to go into protective custody for a while. Remember please that she was not asked by her family to do this. Such a self serving martyr.

Cole and Elizabeth meet finally and Cole is understandably weary to be close to Elizabeth. His wolf though is very happy to be close to its mate. It has not let Cole get close to any other woman, shifter or otherwise since finding its mate. She has seen the error of her ways and wants to be with Cole finally.  This story is the journey of Cole and Elizabeth finding each other and settling into their role as a mated couple.

My one issue with this story is the ending. As with all paranormal romances, there is a big bad hunting the couple and their loved ones. The villain in this story felt very unchallenging. I wasn’t afraid and did not even fear for the lives of the characters throughout the book. They were underwhelming.

The end was a mess TBH. With the level of detail the author went into for the story, you would think that the culmination of the tension with the villain would be given enough attention. It took about two pages and then there was a basic ass epilogue. Bah Humburg!!!!! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE FLESHED OUT

Rating: C (don’t tease me with an amazing story and then cop out in the end).

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Breathe Again
by Julie Trettel
Release Date: September 6, 2018

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