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Reviewed by Jen

I can always count on Thea Harrison to satisfy my PNR itch. Lionheart is the third in her Moonshadow trilogy based on the world of the Elder Races. This story features Dr. Kathryn Shaw, trauma surgeon to Dragos Caluebre and his sentinels. Her hero is none other than Oberon, king of the dark fae.

Oberon has been in something like a magical coma for the past 15. Isabeau, Queen of the Light Court, orchestrated an attempt on his life along time ago and she used Morgan La Fae to do it. Oberon tried many things to slow down the effects of the poison that was used, but eventually he had to put himself in stasis to keep from dying. Unfortunately, his power is leaking out and wreaking havoc on his lands. His cousin, Annwyn, reaches out to Kathyrn, knowing if he is not healed, he may have to die to save everything he holds dear.

Kathryn will have to travel to Lyonesse, his homeland, to do it. And the home of the dark fae operates in a different realm of time than her home world. Weeks there would be the equivalent of months on earth. But she is a scientist and a healer. She cannot simply walk away, so she accepts the challenge and makes the journey. The story follows her efforts not only to heal Oberon, but her unexpected discovery that he is not only Wyr, but her mate.

It took a little while for me to get into the story, simply, I think, because it took a little while before Kathryn and Oberon could meet. But once they did, I was totally hooked. It would have been really easy to make Oberon a giant jerk, someone so powerful that all he had to do with stomp around and bellow orders. And yes, he isn’t exactly warm and cuddly when we first meet him, but once he is cured of the poison, very little of that remained. I loved the way that he valued and respected Kathyrn as a doctor and as a mate. He treated her as an equal and it went a long way for me and my excitement about the pairing.

I liked the doctor a lot as well. She is smart and she knows not only her own mind, but what she wants out of life. And she is not afraid to go after it or to adjust her expectations when necessary.

The supporting characters are great here too. I had so many feelings about Robin, the puck. And there are appearances from the main couples in the other two Moonshadow books. As always from this author, the world building is great and the sex is smoking hot.

If I had any small complaint, it was that Isabeau felt almost like a bit player. She did not have a giant presence, even though she was the villain of the story. And her story resolution was a little anti-climactic for me. But this detracted very little from what was otherwise really a very good story and a great romance. Would recommend.

Rating: B/B+

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by Thea Harrison
Release Date: October 15, 2018

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