Review: Never Sweeter by Charlotte Stein

Reviewed by Caitlin

This is my first book by Charlotte Stein, and I’ve already read three novellas since reading this book. This was a genuine delight.

Letty Carmichael was bullied pretty badly in high school by three guys in particular. This bullying got so bad it culminated in them running her off a cliff. It took two years after high school for her to finally go to college because of the physical rehab required.

One of these tormentors (not the guy actually driving the truck that hit Letty, but perhaps the most aggressive of the bullies) is Tate Sullivan, who now goes to the same college Letty goes to.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. I am not into forgiving the bully and falling in love with him. It is not a trope I like. The only Courtney Milan story I don’t actively like has this plot. I usually can’t get into it.

But Tate spends the entire novel groveling, and Stein makes it work.

Letty is a good person who is finally learning to appreciate her curves and not constantly assume everyone is trying to mess with her (fun aftereffects of years of being bullied). Tate is a 6’5″ wrestling star who always liked the nerdy stuff but never felt confident enough to actually let his true colors shine.

They’re thrown together on a class assignment about sex in cinema – a very specific and curious assignment, but I’m not mad at it – and eventually… well… sparks fly.

Tate is a sweet guy who genuinely wants to do right by Letty. The book works best when Tate listens to Letty and tries to make her comfortable, tries to make things about her. Letty learns to open up and trust him, and it helps that she has a new best friend to talk to about some of her more confusing feelings. We really get to see both of these characters grow.

Not to mention… Stein knows how to write a sex scene. GOTDAMN. That is some serious sexy talk happening and I was INTO IT.

If you want intelligent dialogue, emotional growth, and some very hot sex scenes, I would definitely recommend Never Sweeter.

Rating: B+

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Never Sweeter
by Charlotte Stein
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Publisher: Loveswept

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