Review: Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Reviewed by Sara

There are plenty of books about nannies. Usually they’re women seduced by the attractive billionaire, mysterious Greek tycoon or the rakish duke.

*yawn*  So, when I saw author Rebekah Weatherspoon tweet about a ginger, bearded and tattooed, motorcycle riding nanny helping a successful and smart single-mom, I was in.

Dr. Sloan Copeland is a young cardiac surgeon in L.A. with two adorable twin 6 year olds. A former child prodigy with an obnoxious ex-husband trying to win her back, she’s left in the lurch when her nanny up and leaves mid-shift. Luckily, she’s got good friends who recommend Rafe Whitcomb. Sloan’s immediately attracted to Rafe, but isn’t sure about how the hot, tattooed white guy will be with her girls. Thankfully Rafe quickly demonstrates a well of limitless compassion and excellent child-tending skills. These and Rafe’s excellent references help Sloan decide to bring Rafe into her family.

Rafe is about ready to quit nannying to try his hand at being a mechanic when he’s informed of a single mother in desperate need. He’s floored when he meets the beautiful, intelligent and driven surgeon who also happens to be a kind and nurturing mother. A former delinquent who has worked through his issues, Rafe sees a future with Sloan and doesn’t waste any time letting her know that, if she wants, he’ll be with her for the long haul. Despite Sloan’s ex-husband Drew and their many differences, Rafe and Sloan are able to find a love that fits them and the needs of their family.

I loved pretty much everything about Rafe. I loved the role reversal, I loved that Sloan was successful and had great, healthy female friendships. I loved Rafe’s easy going character and his fabulous (and meddling) family. I even loved Sloan’s twins, who are present in the story as more than “plot moppets” and act like real children their age would. One of the things that really stuck out and made me really love the characters of Rafe and Sloan was that Rebekah Weatherspoon wrote them like people who actually have or work around kids. Rafe and Sloan, as much as they wanted to, weren’t constantly banging on every available surface, they had to be sneaky and were sometimes simply too exhausted to do more than snuggle. This for me showed that the author really got these characters and that made the book so much more enjoyable for me.

The conflict of the book comes in the form of Sloan’s narcissistic ex husband, Drew. Drew doesn’t like the idea of Sloan with another man and thinks she should move back into their home and give up medicine for full-time mothering. He’s smarmy and generally makes life difficult for Sloan until issues come to a head. This too was well written and plotted. Drew isn’t demonized, but he’s also not held to a lower standard of behavior just because he’s an ex-husband. Sloan works hard to have him in their children’s lives, even putting herself in positions that are uncomfortable, but goes into full mother bear mode when her kids are mistreated. I really liked that the co-parenting between Drew and Sloan was shown as complicated and not just a he’s bad-she’s good kind of relationship.

Rafe could have easily been a simple, role-reversed Romance about a doctor and her nanny, but Rebekah Weatherspoon really elevates the concept through great multidimensional main characters and side characters, an ability to demonstrate the complexities of parenting and a refusal to take the easy route when it comes to conflict. I highly recommend Rafe. Come for the mancandy, stay for the great story.

Rating: A+

*ARC received from author for honest review

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by Rebekah Weatherspoon
Release Date: September 26, 2018

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