Review: Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert

Reviewed by Caitlin

A Talia Hibbert novella is the perfect antidote to a reading slump or a terrible week or anything bad ever in your life. The heroine is going to be tough and not particularly interesting in being likable. The hero is going to be big and strong and a total fucking cinnamon roll. And the romance is going to be sweet and sexy.

“Mating the Huntress” was Hibbert’s first paranormal story, but it was a typical Hibbert story in every other way. The heroine, Chastity Adofo, is a total badass who can handle herself in a fight. She comes from a line of werewolf hunters, but because of a prophecy that predicted “her first kill would rip out her own heart.”

Luke Anthony is a werewolf who hates talking to other people. He has remarkable control – that’s how he was able to refrain from killing Chastity’s sister when they met on the last full moon and she tried to kill him – but now that he’s caught Chastity’s scent, he knows their fated to be together. The trick is a) figuring out how to talk to a human woman (being a loner, he’s got terrible people skills) and b) convincing her to mate with him.

Chastity knows he’s a werewolf, so when he comes into her coffee shop and tries to make small talk, she lets him. He invites her over for a movie night, and she comes armed to the teeth with silver. They make out – which Luke is super into – and it turns into an all-out fight in which he’s more concerned with her welfare than his own. In fact, he fucking loves that she’s so tough. It’s a total turn-on.

Chastity realizes Luke isn’t some monster frothing at the mouth and everything she’s ever known about werewolves is thrown through a loop. She’s overwhelmed by his desire to mate with her, because it’s for life and they only just met, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to convince her. With the help of her own family of werewolf hunters, Chastity comes to the conclusion that he’s very much interested in her, and she actually kinda likes him too.

Oh, and he’s a virgin. Because of course he is – he’s a loner werewolf. Who would he have had sex with before now? I love that Hibbert included this. So many times I’ve read loner heroes who have had a ton of sex and it makes zero sense. Good on Hibbert for allowing him to be a virgin when the plot calls for it.

Also, I am a sucker for virgin heroes.

This novella was a quick and easy read and I highly recommend. For anyone missing Halloween and wants a little spooky with their Christmas cheer, definitely check out “Mating the Huntress.”

Rating: B+

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Mating the Huntress
by Talia Hibbert
Release Date: October 1, 2018
Publisher: Nixon House

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