Review: Annihilate Me Volume 1 by Christina Ross

Reviewed by Elise

This one popped up on my Facebook advertisements of all places. It was advertised as being made into a major motion picture. The book freak in me wanted to read the book first.

I’m not sure where to start with my review. All I could think was ‘well that escalated quickly’. Jennifer Kent moved to New York after graduating college. She moved to escape an abusive father and is not looking for love. She is, however, looking for a job. Jennifer attends a terrible job interview and in the elevator bemoans her current state of affairs to an attractive stranger.

Once home, she receives a phone call from the interview she just attended, apologizing for how it was conducted and is asked in for another interview. She eventually agrees to return for another interview with the CEO himself.

When she arrives at the interview, she discovers that the CEO is none other than Mr Elevator hunk himself. He presents her with an offer to be his ‘pretend girlfriend’ for social events. The job included a huge salary and numerous perks including keeping all the designer dresses and expensive jewelry she wears ‘on the job’. She takes the job. No surprise. I would take the job. $300,000 a year plus jewelry, yes please! Hello financial freedom!

Prior to the first event, Jennifer is reminded that this is just a job. Alex (elevator hunk) does not do relationships. Jennifer dazzles at the party, using her business acumen to assist Alex in landing a big deal. He, however, acts jealous and attempts to humiliate her in front of the guests. He grabs her arm and hurts her. She very rightly hightails it out of there, returns the jewelry and clothing and finds herself another job. So far, so good.

This is where the book starts to lose me. I do overlook a lot of things in the name of angst in a romance story, but what happens next was troublesome beyond your usual persistent, alpha male type tropes. Alex begins calling her every hour. Sometimes multiple times an hour. She does not answer and this continues for quite some time. He then finds out where she works and shows up at her work. At this point I probably would have called the police.

Not Jennifer. No, Jennifer decided it might be fun to go for a drive with him. All of a sudden she is declaring feelings and crying over a few kisses. In my head I was thinking ‘why is she crying?’ when the next line of text I read was literally ‘why are you crying?’. It was weird. She was all ready to forget about him because he made her feel uncomfortable. The next minute they are making out in a limo and she is in tears!

I have no desire to read Volume 2 and I’m struggling to think about how they are going to make a movie out of this book. There was more time spent on describing Jennifer’s outfits and listening to her go on about how she ‘just can’t see how other people think the is pretty’ and having other people inappropriately tell her she is pretty than there is building tension between the love interests. There was at least a page describing how they would have to alter a dress to fit her perfect round ass! Okay so maybe 2/3 of a page but you get the idea.

If you’re into insta-love after stalking then this is the book for you.

Rating: D

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Annihilate Me
by Christina Ross
Release Date: December 5, 2013

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