Review: Bound to be a Groom by Megan Mulry

Reviewed by Caitlin

“Bound to be a Groom” is a historical polyamorous romance novella by Megan Mulry. This is my first Mulry venture, and I can’t decide how I feel about it. I really liked seeing a love story with four people in it (I am very into polyamory stories, although this was my first time reading one with multiple women in it and not just multiple men), and I especially loved that it was historical, but I’m not sure I really connected to it. There was a factor that was just, frankly… missing for me.

The novella starts in Badajoz, Spain in 1808 with Anna Redondo trying to seduce Sebastian de Montizon at a wedding. Even though she’s a virgin, she clearly has a dominant personality that immediately asserts itself with the much more knowledgeable Sebastian, who appears to be a natural submissive. He is immediately entranced with her, and she feels guilty because she appears to genuinely like him too.

This makes her feel guilty, of course, because she’s in love with a girl from her convent. Patrizia Carvajal (or Pia as she is known) and Anna want to leave the confines of their convent and be free to love each other without fear of being caught out by the nuns. Anna, with her invite to the wedding, plans to snag a husband and bring Pia with her into the new home. Pia is jealous, but she accepts.

Anna and Sebastian decide to get married very quickly, and each are quite devoted to the other. Anna wants to pick Pia up from the convent, and Sebastian – now aware of her relationship with Pia – accepts. Pia fears Anna has emotionally left her for Sebastian, but as the three ride away from the convent, they have a bit of a menage sexy time in the carriage.

I’m all about this, and the sex scenes are good, but so far… there is, ah, not much in the way of conflict.

The three of them go to London and stay with Sebastian’s friend Farleigh Edward, Duke of Mandeville. It’s clear almost immediately that Leigh and Sebastian have a history deeper than friendship, and Anna toys with them to get them to admit it. Leigh sees in Pia a natural submissive, just as he sees in Anna a natural domme (like himself). He makes his interest in Pia plain, which makes her nervous, but otherwise he is very easily inserted into their group.

All four characters seem like sketches of characters rather than actual people. Anna is strong and forceful. Pia is sweet and sexy and submissive. Sebastian is eager to please and kind. Leigh is a force to be reckoned with and a good man. And while these are all great starting points, I’m left not really remembering much of the story until I work for it.

Again, some very sexy sex scenes, and I’m stoked to see a historical polyamorous novella like this. I just wish there was something more in the way of plot.

Rating: C+

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Bound to Be a Groom
by Megan Mulry
Release Date: April 14, 2014
Publisher: Riptide Publishing


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