Review: Gravity by Dannika Dark

Reviewed by Jen

This book was… difficult to read. Generally speaking, I love angst in a romance. But I Hate the Big Secret trope. Granted, this is not a straight up romance. This is urban fantasy with romantic elements. But if we are being real, the big crux of this installment surrounds the relationship between Silver and Logan. And thanks to Tarek, Logan’s nemesis among the Chitah, things are not looking good for this couple.

I’ve said before how much I adore Logan and what a great pairing he and Silver make. But, in most books, when things look awesome, you know a giant bomb is about to drop. That bomb drops here. Basically, Tarek moves into a position of power among his people and he uses that as leverage to blackmail Silver. He can kill everyone she’s ever loved, essentially with impunity. So she must throw over Logan or watch him die along with everyone else who matters to her.

On one level I get it. Dannika Dark has gone to great lengths to show the disparity in power and the many loopholes that exist in protecting members of breed culture. Particularly those with little status. But. I can’t 100% get on board with the idea that Silver could not or would not confide in these powerful amazing allies that she has. I want a book to make me feel, and boy did this one ever. But amidst my sorrow and heartbreak was also a bit of anger and frustration for how it “had” to play out.

Premise aside, I will give props to Dark for pushing all of my buttons. I was devastated right along with Silver and Logan has everything came to pass. And on top of the problems with the main couple, Dark set up something even more crushing by the end of the book. I won’t spoil it. But from the point in which Silver erased to Logan’s last hope to that scene in the parking lot when everything was supposed to be over, to the big revelation from a secondary character… I was wrecked.

This installment was not my favorite. Though I understand why so many people give it five stars. Because it does make you feel. I just didn’t like the device by which it was done. And while I’m complaining a little, I also don’t like that every single side character has to find an HEA on page. I feel like there were so many romantic possibilities for Silver at the beginning that the author feels that she has to give them all a match before the end of the book. Don’t give me wrong, I loved what she did with Knox and Sunny. But now it’s Justus. And Adam. I don’t need every single loose end tied up in a bow. Maybe I’m just nitpicking because I got put through the wringer.

All this complaining aside, this series is awesome and I have already one-clicked the last installment. I understand why so many people have read and enjoyed these books. Even though this one was it my favorite, I care about these characters and I’m invested in the world Dannika Dark has created.

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by Dannika Dark
Release Date: May 16, 2013

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