Review: Impulse by Dannika Dark

Reviewed by Jen

Dannika Dark continues to enthrall me with this third book in her Mageri series. This installment dips a little more into the romance than the first two did. Maybe because Silver is finally getting a chance to explore a real relationship with just one man. Let me just say again how much I adore Logan and the dynamic between these two. It is really the heart of this book, even though there is some action on the side.

Logan is slowly and methodically courting Silver now in the ways of his people. They do not take physical intimacy lightly. It is a commitment. He wants Silver for a lifetime. Meanwhile, though, the yearly gathering is about to take place. For the Chitah, it is an opportunity to look for a soulmate and Silver worries that she is keeping Logan from his destiny.

There is another new player in the game, a vampire named Christian. Thankfully, this is not another potential love interest. He is a bit of a foil at first, but ends up joining the fold of Silver’s makeshift family. That family is what makes this book shine. It not only focuses on her romance with Logan, but also the ties she has with Justus. These two have such a bond and now we finally get to see a little bit about the life that made him who he is.

There’s also more on Adam. His life is changing so much with his entrance into the mage world. This poor guy has really been through the wringer and he deserves some happiness. There was a small part of me that felt sorry for him over the course of these books because he seemed to carry the torch for Silver. But I just love her with Logan so much that I can’t see Adam as the end game right now. Justice has turned more into a father figure. But I can’t see her having a long-term happy ending with a member of another species. I’m so scared that Logan is going to end up dead, although I suppose there’s a chance she might evolve with her interesting DNA.

I am full of questions and speculation and I am already excited to jump in to book four.

As I mentioned, there is a little bit of movement here in the bigger story. We are learning more about Marco and the evil Nero is still plotting to get silver in his clutches. There is also a bad Chitah marking up the works for our main couple.

This is such a fun series. I am inhaling one book after another.

Rating: B+

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by Dannika Dark
Release Date: October 29, 2012

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