Review: Saved by the Rockstar by Michelle Pennington

Reviewed by Debz

Full disclosure guys, I just started binging Korean Dramas thanks to my sister and my best friend and I would love to announce to the world, right now, that I’m in love with Park Bo Gum. In addition to Chris Evans of course. You can watch Moonlight Drawn by Cloud to see why I’m super smitten.

That’s why I’m always drawn to celebrity romances. It is always super interesting to see how two very different people get together, fall in love and overcome rabid fangirls. And the premise of this book was even more interesting since the heroine is a bestselling author with an anxiety disorder and debilitating fear of crowds. It had my two favorite tropes; bad boy rock star and women with well explained and well rounded mental disorders.

Julie Chambers is a best selling author of romance novels and YouTuber. Due to her intense fear of crowds, she is unable to do much book touring and publicity so she decides to start a YouTube channel to connect with her fans and honestly get human interaction as she has just two friends in real life. One day, she mentions that she finally got to listen to music by the band Sterling House and she now loves them. Unknowingly, Alissa Sterling, sister to Sterling House and avid fan of Julie, watches the vlogs. Alissa then encourages/strong-arms her brother, lead singer Ryland Sterling to comment on the vlog and thus begins their relationship.

I’ve been spoiled by Ilona Andrews, Marie Force and JD Robb. Their books are always long enough and the fact that the characters have series dedicated to their story makes me expect that level of detail and specificity in all the subsequent books. This book could have been so much better if it had been longer. There were so many subjects to tackle; how an agoraphobe would cope in a relationship with someone whose livelihood depended on their interactions with hoards of people; that seems like an arc that could have been explored in more depth.

There was also the fact that Julie kinda had a stalker who commented on all her social media posts and generally made her feel bad about herself. This was ample opportunity to explore the toxic culture of keyboard wars and online bullying and it was super wasted.

This book was roughly 279 pages of wasted opportunities and at the ending a random epilogue was tacked on with the main characters already married. Okay sis, we’ve not seen enough of these people to be that invested in them getting to know each other, falling in love, and then suddenly being married. Like they had been together for like a month tops.

What is it with all these rushed timelines. I saw that this is the first book in a series, but I’m quite sure the other books will feature other characters so that doesn’t allay any of my fears. It could have been better.

Rating: D (another 200 pages and I’ll reconsider)

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Saved by the Rockstar
by Michelle Pennington
Release Date: September 22, 2018

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