Review: The Other Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Reviewed by Jen

Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton books consistently deliver for me. This one was fun and engaging, with a hero and heroine easy to love –both as individuals and as a couple.

Andrew Roskesby traffics information for the crown under the guise of a pirate captain. To protect his family and his identity, he does it under the name Captain Andrew James. He is about to embark on a trip to deliver information to Portugal when two of his men drag Poppy Bridgerton aboard his ship. The woman had stumbled across the cave where his men stored their booty and kidnapped her to prevent her from telling anyone their secrets. Andrew wants her nowhere near his mission, but the job can’t wait, so he takes her along with the promise to return her to her family once the voyage is complete.

Poppy has no idea her captor is a Rokesby, but she figures out quickly that he’s no ordinary pirate—he’s a gentleman. And as much as she fears for the future of her reputation, she has a hard time hating him. After all, he treats her well, as well as you can treat a prisoner: good food, good conversation, even a little entertainment. The two are kindred spirits, both smart people who love to learn and debate and solve puzzles, and they quickly see the value the other has to offer. But the circumstances in which they’ve been thrown together are pretty hard to overcome.

I adored Poppy. Not only is she smart, she makes wise choices. That’s not always a given. Some characters can be book smart, yet still TSTL. Poppy understands the circumstances she’s in and makes the best of them. She adapts. And I don’t mean she ignores the injustice of it. She knows what’s been done her is wrong and that it could affect her life, but she doesn’t ever cut off her nose to spite her face. It’s her level head and pragmatism that serve her as more twists and turns jump into her path.

Andrew is pretty great too. I love how he appreciates Poppy’s intelligence and how he falls for her despite himself. I like how he gets so wrapped up in their conversation, he forgets to hide his identity sometimes. He’s sexy and smart and… kind. This is a man who is rich and powerful, yet still takes care of his crew… who cares about a young boy’s safety… and refuses to ruin the lady who plagues him, body and spirit.

The book isn’t heavy or angsty and it doesn’t have any huge surprises. But it is a fun journey. I adored both leads and I believed in their HEA. Would recommend for fans of HR.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by Avon

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The Other Miss Bridgerton
by Julia Quinn
Release Date: November 20, 2018
Publisher: Avon

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