Review: The Royal Runaway by Lindsay Emory

Reviewed by Debz

So I saw pictures from Princess Eugene’s wedding and she looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was, dare I say, the best royal bridal gown this year and it took a lot of confidence for her to break with royal tradition and show her scars for the world to see. She rocked it!!!

It was also serendipitous that at the same time the wedding was going on, I was reading about another bad ass princess (albeit fictional) and her journey to happy ever after. This one was a rocky journey, though; boy were there twists and turns.

Princess Theodora Isabella Victoria is second in line to the throne of Drieden and is supposed to marry dashing Scottish Duke, Christian Fraser-Campbell in the wedding of the decade….except he doesn’t show up for the wedding. That must have been super devastating and embarrassing. It is a bother to say the least, to be stood up at the altar, but to do that at a Royal wedding!!! With all the preparation and money and time that had been put into it!!!!! A disaster of epic proportions.

The secondhand embarrassment was killing me y’all. I can just imagine how she must have felt. I’m something I’ve termed an “embarrassment internalizer.” I can remember every single embarrassing event in my life, what I’ve done or said and it just haunts me randomly. So, to be left at the altar of a royal wedding must be TOUGH.

Her family goes into crisis mode and sends Princess Thea to their private island of Perpetua off the coast of Drieden, to hide and cool off until the public forgets about her oh so public heartbreak. After which she is slowly transitioned back into public life. After her seclusion, Thea is understandably itchy for some excitement in her life and that is where she meets and falls in love with Nick, the tabloid journalist.

It’s very interesting for me to read a book with An alpha female and an alpha male. It kinda gives you a glimpse into the lives Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip must have lived. How does a man, used to getting his own way and ordering others around adjust to a life where he would always be “less” than his wife?

But wait, that’s not all there is to the book. At this point it just looks like a star-crossed romance, but it is so much more. You see, Nick is not a tabloid journalist as Thea suspects but an intelligence operative for the British government bent of finding out the truth regarding the disappearance of Christian. Turns out Christian didn’t stand Thea up willingly, but was possibly kidnapped. I know, plot twist!!!!!

That’s not all, the Prime Minister of Drieden is calling for a constitutional referendum as to the relevance of the monarchy and it seems that Christian’s disappearance is also tied to it as well. A whole plot dealing with the Cayman papers, money laundering, and a whole lot of death emerges.

After being shot at by security operatives, Thea decides to go on the run with Nick to uncover the truth Christian and even her grandmother (the Queen) have been keeping from her and the reason people keep dying around her.

I really liked Thea as a character and future queen. Although she knew and abided by the rules, she wasn’t a slave to them. She loved her freedom and independence (she was known to run away from her bodyguards a time or 100) and she was not afraid to speak up for what she believed in. Being 2nd in line for the throne gave her a solid backbone that most contemporary romance heroines lack and she was able to stand up for herself. Especially to Nick. This doesn’t mean she didn’t do dumb things, but all in all I liked her.

Do I feel the romance here was a little too “insta-love”? Yea, kinda, but that’s par the course for romance novels. It just doesn’t seem realistic TO ME for two people to fall in lasting love in less than a month. But what do I know? Stranger things have happened. At least, they didn’t get married immediately. We thank God for small mercies.

It was all in all, a surprisingly fast paced, action packed, thrilling romance and I never expected it to be so captivating when I picked it up.

Rating :B

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The Royal Runaway
by Lindsay Emory
Release Date: October 9, 2018
Publisher: Gallery Books

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