Review: The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde

Reviewed by Elise

This one popped up on my recommendations through Audible. I was all out of good audiobooks so I figured, why not? I’m glad I took a chance because it was an unexpected diamond in the rough. Nava Katz is a 20 year old with no clear direction in life. Except for sex. She has a voracious appetite for sex, having fun, and generally floating through life. Her twin brother, Ari, on the other hand is diligent and studious. Ari has been working his whole life towards being inducted into the Brotherhood of David, the preordained ‘chosen ones’. Those who fight demons and keep humans safe.

The book starts with Nava coming home from a big night out, seeking a hangover cure, and imbibing in the ceremonial wine that was to be included in the ceremony inducting Ari into the brotherhood. Everyone is shocked when Nava develops the power that was meant for Ari. This first installment of the series follows Nava as she becomes the lone woman to enter the brotherhood.

Fair warning, Nava is initially obnoxious. She is arrogant and takes orders from no-one. She sashays through life with little thought for direction; however, once inducted into the brotherhood, this starts to change. Nava is still her quippy, dirty mouthed self, but she is much more tolerable as a human being. If you enjoy a good laugh at some unfettered good times, no filter conversations and NSFW romantic encounters then definitely give this one a go. If you are easily offended by foul language, one night stands, masturbation or the naming of a clitoris (Contessa, if you were wondering) then this is not the book for you.

I really enjoyed this book. I have a potty mouth and I think there is an art form to swearing. A well placed curse word can take a sentence from funny to downright hilarious and Deborah Wilde has that skill down pat. I was laugh-crying as I read some of the scenes. This includes a very amusing masturbation session where poor Contessa (see above) gets a very rude shock (literally), ‘fuck a duck’ is honest to goodness a phrase directly from the story and Nava literally electrocutes a demon’s penis right off his body, to the shock and horror of her all male peers.

For all that it was super amusing there was also some serious action in the book. I mean that both in the fighting sense and the ‘wink wink nudge nudge’ sense. Nava has relationship issues. Her promiscuity is both a coping mechanism and a passion for her. She is comfortable in her own sexuality and not afraid to seek pleasure wherever she may find it. The relationship between Nava and Rohan is strained because of her unwillingness to kiss those she is intimate with. Rohan understandably feels used but the attraction between them is such that neither of them is willing to walk away, despite the issues. I have to tell you that when these two hookup it is smokin’ hot.

As the book progresses, Nava embraces the new direction her life is taking within the brotherhood. She is unafraid to stick it to the patriarchal establishment she has found herself in and the feminist within me cheered at a few of the frank discussions she has with some of the older gentlemen in the novel. The other thing I like about this book is the positive representation if offers. LGBTQIA characters are not relegated to a token character. There are multiple characters of multiple sexual orientations. The main love interest is described as being South East Asian and there are varying cultures described throughout the book. It’s diverse without being obnoxious.

I now have another series to add to my ever growing TBR. Stick it out for the first few chapters, you won’t regret it. This is a laugh out loud urban fantasy that definitely gets my stamp of approval.

Rating: B+

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The Unlikeable Demon Hunter
by Deborah Wilde
Release Date: April 18, 2017
Publisher: Te Da Media




  1. This sounds like something I could really get into. I love the kind of characters who can make me laugh! So glad you liked it! It is going on my TBR!

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