Review: Undeniably His by Emery Jacobs

Reviewed by Ericka

This New Adult Contemporary is bittersweet and has its moments of tugging at your heart. Emmie Carmichael has everything that she could possibly want. She has a great job, house, and husband. The only thing that is missing is her being able to have a baby. This causes a strain on her marriage and after some time her husband confesses to her that his girlfriend is pregnant and wants a divorce.

Emmie is devastated and tries to move on with her life and rebuild from scratch. When her car breaks down she is gets it towed to a local automotive shop and there she meets the owner, Beau.

Beau has his own demons that haunt him and is very strict with whom he lets into his life. He knows that Emmie is off limits and deserves so much more but when he is given a proposition he has no choice but to accept it.

This is a character driven story and very predictable at times. It has the insta-love syndrome, but the way the characters are written it justifies their chemistry. Emmie’s personality is very optimistic. She is put in some very difficult situations and she always manages to come out on top. She wants to have her own identity outside of the life she built around her ex-husband. Beau has inner issues that has caused him to withdraw from everyone including his family. He is struggling to make ends meet at his automotive shop that was passed down to him and his baby brother. He will do anything to keep the shop running and stay in the family. That means making choices that he will eventually regret. He never expected Emmie to come into his life and revive feelings that he had kept buried for so long.

Throughout the first half there is a game of “cat and mouse” with Emmie and Beau. They both act on their feelings and then push away. Especially the latter. But when they did get together nothing was holding them back. It got real and hot very fast.  There was some predictable moments in the plot with the exception of one plot twist that I don’t think anybody would see coming. It wasn’t that dramatic but it was a nice way to thwart of the reader.

The last part of the story and the epilogue did seem rushed because not much got resolved. There was still some unanswered questions lingering. Overall this is a quick standalone that is easy to read and have characters that you will remember.

Rating: B

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Undeniably His
by Emery Jacobs
Release Date: June 20, 2018

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