Review: Venom in the Veins by Jennifer Estep

Reviewed by Jen

Sliding in to an Elemental Assassin book for me is like donning a comfortable old sweater at the beginning of fall. It’s pleasant and familiar. Not really flashy or new, but that’s not why I pick it up. I know what to expect and I like it.

As this installment begins, Gin still searching for answers about the mysterious Circle. But more pressing right now is the fact that someone seems to be targeting Finn’s boss at the bank, Moseley. He is attacked early in the book and Gin is convinced it has something to do with the bigger picture. She goes on high alert, determined to protect him as he puts on a high profile auction of Mab Munro‘s personal effects.

As in several recent books, the current happenings end up tying in to old memories of Gin’s and they manifest in dreams. That, along with one of Fletcher’s old files tip her off that it all has something to do with a vampire she killed many years ago. The story follows her as she unravels those connections and works to keep Mosley safe.

When I say these books are comfortable and familiar, I acknowledge that if I read too many of them close together, the similarities from book to book may drive me a little crazy. Even with a year or so since my last read, I find myself on the borderline of being put off by the author’s use of the same plot devices. Like the dreams, for instance. Or how Fletcher’s files always manage to come through with just enough information to get her started on the right path. Every book has something that’s sloppy, sloppy. Every book, we are reminded that Gin and her boyfriend use condoms but she still takes her little white pills. Maybe these are touchstones for fans of the series. Maybe comfortable and familiar is what the author is going for. These books definitely stay in the expected lane and for many readers, I know that is a good thing. But maybe not for everyone.

As always, I am a fan of Gin. She is such a kick ass protagonist. She is fierce and strong, but despite her propensity for killing people, she is very loyal and human in a world where humanity is almost a handicap.

We have some advancement of the larger plot. We finally get to see the big bad guy and it answers my burning question of whether or not it is Gin’s father. I won’t spoil it.

I’m still down to see where this series goes from here. I want to see Gin have a happy ever after, but for an assassin like her I’m not sure what that looks like. I do need to take breaks in between books in the series for the reasons I talked about above, but I will be back. I’ll keep you informed.

Rating: B

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Venom in the Veins
by Jennifer Estep
Release Date: June 12, 2018


  1. Those are definitely repeats throughout the series and I sometimes find myself annoyed that they are repeated AGAIN, but I also kind of just gloss over them. I’m definitely more curious about the head of the Circle now. This should be interesting!

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