DNF Review: Earl To The Rescue by Jane Ashford

Reviewed by Sara

Earl To The Rescue is the story of Gwendeline Gregory, daughter of the Baron Gregory of Brooklands and his wife Annabelle. While she was young, Baron and Baroness Brooklands spent only a week out of the year with Gwendeline and were as uninvolved in her upbringing as possible. So, when they die in an ill-defined accident, Gwendeline, is less upset about her parents being dead as she is about the fact that they spent all of their savings and have left her penniless and soon to be homeless, since their debts require their estate to be sold off.

However, Gwendeline, is rescued by a the incredibly popular Lore Merryn, who, while surprised that Gwendeline is 19 years old and not an infant, is committed, along with a group of like minded gentlemen, to caring for her and helping her be introduced favorably into the ton. Gwendeline is whisked away to London where she is put up with Lord Merryn’s mother, a novelist, and begins making the round of parties. Here, she learns that her parents were general reprobates and begins to meet various characters.

I got about 35% of the way through Earl To The Rescue when I was done. Gwendeline, is boring, vapid and naive. By her own admission, she’s had little education, is only accomplished in riding and she doesn’t like to read. (How am I supposed to relate to a character who doesn’t like to read?) The situation she finds herself in with Lord Merryn is increasingly bizarre, and yet she just takes it because she doesn’t want to ruffle feathers and because she’s been so secluded from life and society.

I think what really did it for me was the characters of Mr. Blane and Lord Merryn. Mr. Blane is a villainous character who has set his eyes on Gwendeline. He’s creepy and makes Gwendeline uncomfortable. Then it’s revealed that he was intimate with her mother and was also blackmailing her when she died. Lord Merryn, who is described as being in his thirties, is becoming increasingly friendly with and is forever rescuing Gwendeline. While he wasn’t intimate with Gwendolyn’s mother he had a crush on her when he was in his late teens and had tried to help her before her untimely death. Mr. Bane is creepy, that I get, but even creepier to me is a book about a guy who crushed on a woman, only for his affections to shift to her daughter who is over 10 years his junior. No thank you!

Now, with any DNF’ed book, there’s the chance that I’m wrong and everything will work out; Gwendeline will prove herself to be likeable, Mr. Bane will die a truly horrifying death and Lord Merryn and his relationship with Gwendeline will be wonderful. However, there’s nothing, so far, about Earl To The Rescue that makes me want to put in the effort to discover if I’m wrong or not. I don’t care about Gwendeline and the idea of her ending up with Lord Merryn squicks me out.

*ARC received for honest review.

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Earl to the Rescue
by Jane Ashford
Release Date: December 4, 2018
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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