Ericka’s Favorites of 2018

by Ericka

It seemed that this year all of the books that I read consisted of Dominant Alpha males. I must have a soft spot for the ones that have dark gruesome past or the Doms that are into some really hardcore mess. These are authors that were all new to me with the exception of one that I recommend.

The Stolen Duet Duology by BB Reid which consists of book one being The Bandit and book two being The Knight. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this duology because it has some tropes that are definitely on my “Most Hated Tropes” list. After two recommendations from friends I decided to give it a try. Mostly what got me hooked on them is because they are about the Mafia. I love a good book about the Mafia. These two books are lengthy but because of the pace of the books they can be finished within one sitting. I finished them both in two days and I would recommend to read them back to back if you decided to read them.

The Peer and the Puppet is by the same author. After reading the Stolen Duet Duology, I had to find out more from the author. This story is complicated but it still was really good. It is more along the lines of step siblings in love but neither of the parents are married. They are only dating and they live together. It seems awkward at first but I promise it all plays out really good. This story really plays on how well it is written. It has characters that are going through tough times and the author will have you wondering how the end results will be.

Going Under by Lexi Ryan was probably my favorite read for the year. It is a part of the Blackhawk Boys series. I can’t really say much about this book in particular because this is book 3. However, I can say that this book has everything a good drama needs. It has drama like nobody’s business. It has heartbreak, laughter, then when you feel like your heart can’t break anymore it breaks it again. Oh, it has football too. Still football is not the main part of the story. It is just the glue that hold all of the characters together.

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