Joint Review: How to Live an Undead Lie by Hailey Edwards

Reviewed by Debz & Jen

Debz: Normally Jen would have reviewed this book, but I just saw her tweet that she didn’t even know it was coming out so I’m going to shoot my shot and write one anyway. I came out of my friend’s wedding rehearsal for this so it better get published lol.

Jen: Yes. Imagine my surprise when I came here to write my own review and Debz had already done it. You’ve got stones, lady. Let it be known I am squatting on this author’s stuff from here to eternity.

Debz: I was introduced to this phenomenal series and author by RedHotBooks (obvs) and I have to say I’m loving it.

Jen: (Mutters about how obviously this series belongs to me.)

Debz: In this fifth installment of the Undead series we open to Grier and Linus finally starting their relationship and it is honestly the cutest thing ever.

Jen: I have been waiting and fantasizing about how this would happen for-EVER. I love Linus so hard. Maybe the only thing I love more than Linus is Linus with Grier. This is the payoff, guys, and it is freaking perfect.

Debz: I can’t tell you how much I hate when the hero and heroine get together or plan to get together and a misunderstanding keeps them apart for another book. Screw your sexual tension, I want the cuddles right now. 

Jen: Fear not, reader, you get them now. And did I mention that I love them?

Debz: Also, I have to say that the names of the characters in these books are one of the major selling points for me. I’m Nigerian and my parents generation were known for scouring for obscure old timey names from the bible and old literature to give to their children. I escaped with Deborah, but many of my friends were not to lucky. It’s so refreshing to see names like Linus and Boaz that I’ve heard all my life take center stage in a book I like. So, thank you Hailey Edwards. 

Now to the book; Grier meets her progeny for the first time after he escapes from prison and she has to decide what to do with him. Her actions regarding him with impact her dealings with the Grand Dame and her grandfather who plans to take over the world. 

Jen: To be honest, I forgot Grier had progeny. (Does this make me a bad super-fan?) Thankfully, Edwards does a good job recapping how Corbin came to be a vampire when Grier was in prison. I kind of like this twist, and it gave the story a good entry into the world of her grandfather-vampire. Bag of dicks that he is. I also like the growing roles of Lethe and Hood in her life. 

Debz: I’m so happy that Grier has found new friends other than the Pritchard clan and she seems to be coming into her self with the help of new people. I always felt that she was not given the chance to grow into an adult with Boaz and Amelie because they knew her as a child and were not willing to let go of that mental picture; boxing her into a corner. 

We got a more clear picture of her grandfather, whats-his-face and his plans for the vampires and the world in general. Why do people always want to dominate the world and everything in it? Also, I want to know how it is possible for this one vampire to enchant all other vampires and plan to takeover the world. It just feels convenient that he has the powers to do this. I need more explanations here because from what I’ve gathered Odette is not a witch, but a seer. So what’s going on here???

Boaz was up to his typical bullshit shenanigans and I was not surprised by anything he pulled. I feel a little disappointed in myself that I wanted Grier to end up with him earlier (before I got to know Linus obviously). And Grier has to be a saint for accepting his flaws and still going out of her way to protect and save him.

Jen: Grr. Boaz. He is such a tool. His behavior here was totally unacceptable, but I loved it in the sense that he got a real comeuppance. His awfulness is only highlighted in contrast to how amazing Linus is. Things were just so good with him–the relationship with Grier so satisfying–I spent the entire book just waiting for it all to blow up in my face.

Debz: I hope Linus becomes more comfortable accepting and receiving love and friendship. He deserves it and I just want the best for him. Honorable mentions to the gwyllgi, Woolly who I love, and the adorable Oscar. I have to say that this series has a great ensemble cast and everyone, even the stupid ones pull their weight making it a cohesive story. 

My one pet peeve is the amount of Mary Sue-ism in this book. BTW, I just found out that what I called the most special snowflake ever made syndrome usually found in paranormal romances had a name. It’s super convenient and kinda lazy that Grier can make any sigil to do just about anything from a collective super memory she has. It just seems like she’s not working to hone her powers, they’re just there and she can literally do anything the plot needs her to do and even defy expectations every time. Congrats Mary Sue.

Jen: Hush your face!!! I love Grier. 


Debz: I could not be more disappointed with Odette and finding out she never loved Grier. She was the only mother figure Grier had left and now, finding out she has been two faced the whole time? It makes me want to go back and reread all the books to look for clues and see if I could have guessed the plot twist. 

Also spoiler number 2. Maud and Cletus!!!! Oh My God, color me shocked. I wish Grier’s powers could help her become more like Oscar or something. Ah!!! I’m waiting for a miracle there.  

Jen: Agreed. I didn’t see that coming. But I am optimistic that it could bring some much needed emotional closure for Grier.

And can I just say how shocked I am that you mentioned those spoilers, but said nothing about the heartbreaking stuff happening at the end? I am still trying to breathe again.

Debz: I can’t wait for the next book. I promised myself that I was going to read it slowly and drag it across a couple of days. I lied. I was done in a day and I’m now going through withdrawal symptoms. 

Jen: Try to steal the next Edwards book from me at your own peril, my friend.

Debz’s Rating: A-

Jen’s Rating: A

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How to Live an Undead Lie
by Hailey Edwards
Release Date: December 11, 2018

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