Review: Best of Luck by Kate Clayborn

Reviewed by Caitlin

Best of Luck is the third novel in Kate Clayborn’s Chance of a Lifetime trilogy. The series centers around three best friends friends – Kit, Zoe, and Greer – who drunkenly decide to play the lottery one night and win. Best of Luck is Greer’s story, and it’s my favorite of the series.

Greer Garson Hawthorne (her mother is an actress and a BIG personality) sees her portion of the winnings as her opportunity to finally go to college and get her degree so she can become a social worker. She’s never had much freedom because she was sick for so much of her teen years, and her family still worries about her health and safety. The money they spent on surgeries drained the family’s savings account, so two of Greer’s siblings and Greer herself were unable to go to college. Now that she won the lottery, college is her opportunity to gain independence. Unfortunately, she made a mistake on her courses and won’t be able to graduate without an art credit. She already has a job lined up, but she needs the degree and she can’t afford to wait a few more months.

If she can convince the head of the art department to work something out with her, she might have a chance. That professor just so happens to be a photographer, and Greer thinks that might give her an in.

Alex Averin is a world-renowned photographer who goes into dicey situations (never war zones, but still dangerous areas) to capture beautiful and evocative images. He has even been featured in National Geographic. He is also Kit’s older brother, and he’s in town for her wedding.

Alex has panic attacks. He’s been having them for two years, and he hasn’t told anyone. It’s affected his work, however, and his agent tells him to take a month off.

Greer noticed Alex’s panic attacks because, due to having been sick for so long, she’s a keen observer of people. She helps him through an episode during the rehearsal dinner, and then requests his assistance in getting the photographer professor to let her take his class so she can graduate. Alex ends up tutoring her and giving up his time and his photographs to the department in order to get Greer the class she needs. Greer also insists he go to therapy.

And as the two spend more time together, the immediate attraction they each felt for the other develops into something stronger. They see the other in ways the rest of the world doesn’t. Greer, usually shy, is outgoing and bold with Alex. Alex, usually too cool and always in control of himself, is prone to fits of laughter and giggles around Greer. The problem is that they both don’t see this as permanent, and Kit might react with wedding plans if she finds out. It puts an extra pressure on everything.

I loved this story. Alex is beyond sexy. He is a beast in bed, demanding and filthy, but also constantly checking in with Greer’s consent. Greer is so strong and absolutely someone you root for – I’m always a sucker for the shy heroine who comes out of her shell. They make each other better, and Clayborn does a beautiful job crafting their story and their relationship.

If I have any quibble with the book, it’s that the first time they get physical is right after they got paint all over their hands. I could not get into the scene when I kept thinking about how dirty and uncomfortable that finger would be. The other sex scenes were lovely but that one I had trouble with. 

I loved this series, and I especially loved this book. I could not put it down. I don’t read very much small town romance, but holy hell did I enjoy this. Kate Clayborn is definitely an autobuy for me.

Rating: A-

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Best of Luck
by Kate Clayborn
Release Date: November 27, 2018
Publisher: Lyrical Shine

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