Review: Death Knell by Hailey Edwards

Reviewed by Jen

Talk about a slow burn. I can’t think of a single romance I have become this invested in with so little physical payoff. Luce and Cole feel as inevitable as the tide, yet they move together in increments of inches. Millimeters. And even as slowly as they move, each hard won inch is a victory to celebrate. Hailey Edwards has sold me on this pairing, hook, line and sinker. And I may want this romance to happen even more than the characters do.

That being said, the book and the series aren’t romances; they’re urban fantasy. So there is a whole lot more going on on the pages. Luce is preparing for her sister, Death, to cross over into the world, and she is working with her new partner, Adam Wu, to figure out how when and where it’s going to happen. The bodies of corpses are reanimating and it seems a portend from Death herself.

The plot moved well enough with the bodies and the resulting infections that they gave the general public. Don’t misunderstand, this book is not about zombies, but the particulars of the mission are far less important than what’s going on with the characters.

I’m fascinated by Adam. There is obviously a connection between him and Luce, but the author is not ready to share it just yet. Instead, she just gives us teases here and there. Where she does really deliver, though, is on the secret of his form and more of the details about Ezra. We also finally get to see Miller’s other self as well.

The world building here is fantastic. The characters are extremely engaging, including the secondary cast, and I could eat it all up with a spoon. I will admit, however, I did get a little lost towards the end when climax happened. There were a lot of characters and species and doublecrosses happening that were a little difficult to follow. I was also not 100% sure of my understanding of who belonged to who and how when it came down to that mating stuff at the end. Cole and Luce are mated but she belongs to someone else… maybe? There were a couple of parts where I read over it twice and I still wasn’t sure of myself.

I also am not thrilled about the surprise package Death was holding for Luce. As slowly as the relationship has been moving for Luce and Cole, it feels like jumping to the end without all of the fun parts. But I will give it a chance, because I love Hailey Edwards and I love this series and I am willing to give a little trust.

I would definitely recommend this series to fans of urban fantasy and will be just as excited when book four comes out. I’ll keep you posted.

Rating: B/B+

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Death Knell
by Hailey Edwards
Release Date: December 4, 2018
Publisher: Piatkus

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