Review: Professor with Benefits by Mickey Miller

Reviewed by Ericka

This is an author that I recently stumbled on earlier this year and he is definitely one that I believe is underrated.  This Dom-Com is about a college student living in Blackwell named Rose that is studying to become a sex therapist. She has never had sex before, being that she wants her first time to be more for research purposes. She thinks that her teacher would be great to help her with her “research.” All she wants is sixty days, and after that everything go back to normal.

Cole Hanks, her teacher, is known for how his reputation was from when he was living in Blackwell. He moved back home when his mom got sick. Rose boldly approaches him and tells him exactly what she wants from him. He tells her in a not so nice way to get out of his office. He knows situations like that are bound for a world of trouble. She finally convinces him when she sees him at a bar. Even though there are teacher/student romances, he never knew just how this relationship would end.

Rose is a very boisterous and headstrong character. When she sets her mind on something, she definitely makes sure that she follows it through no matter what she has to do. She feels mature for age and figures that most guys her age and that are in school with her are not on the same level. She basically goes straight to Cole’s office and tells him that she is a virgin and wants him to be her Dom for only sixty days to conduct her research. At times, she could be a little overwhelming to read and towards the middle of the story, a bit nerve racking.

Cole has a sick mother and knows that things could end up very bad if he pursues the relationship. He doesn’t want to jeopardize anything that would put him in a position to not be able to provide for his mother. He is very attracted to Rose and only agrees if she agrees for the relationship to be on his terms by signing a NDA and videoing her consent.  He has a side that is very different from what others see of him. He thinks highly of himself and needs control. He tells her that he is going to ruin her for any other man and with the way their relationship was progressing they both was ruining each other.

I did like the two together, but I felt there was really no genuine connection between them. By the end of the story there really wasn’t much in common between them except the physical aspect of their relationship. The story is short and it seemed like there was so much that the author was trying to fit in and it didn’t allow the characters to take the time to build the connection. This could easily be read in one sitting. This book is not as heavy as a Dominance novel would be. It has a lot of comedy moments.

Rating B-

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Professor With Benefits
by Mickey Miller
Release Date: June 14, 2017

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