Review: Resisting the Boss by Whitney G

Reviewed by Debz

There’s nothing more gross than your spouse cheating on you with your best friend. I always wonder, don’t the cheaters feel like common clichés cheating??? There are more than 7 billion people in the world and you decide to cheat with your spouse’s best friend?? LAME

Anyway, our heroine, Claire, is forced into a seniors single cruise on New Years Eve, and she’s obviously hating it. One, she is too young to be a senior, so all the men at the cruise are super older than her and it’s weird, while the men closer to her age would all prefer a younger woman with no children. After a frustrating couple disastrous introductions, she decides to leave.

Meanwhile, Jonathan spots her from a restaurant adjacent to the boat and by the time he makes his way to introduce himself, she has already left. Thus begins his weird ass sexually controlling behavior because he gets his best friend/genius hacker to look through the security system and find her face or a clear picture of her.

As fate would have it, they meet again at a grocery store a couple days later, and he asks her for her number. She declines because he looks like a teenager and she does not want to deal with being a cradle robber. He assures her that he’s not in college and is in fact 28.

Surprise, surprise, Claire finds out that Jonathan is actually Jonathan Statham, the dickhead owner of the tech giant firm she works at and what ensues is what I can mildly put as recurring office harassment. I want to reiterate that he was a shitty boss and only became better after seeing the adverse effects his weird ass policies were having on Claire. Who authorizes a towing company to remove the cars of any employees who stay after 4pm at work???? WHY????? It was a little less creepy because the author made it known that she was interested in him as much as he was interested in her. But, it still felt a little smarmy.

Also, I don’t understand men that want to be sexually dominant in public, especially in the open office. Like do what you need to do in the privacy of your home, or private plane or even office. But in a public meeting and the public yoga room with other people there. Get your shit together bro.

There were a lot of missed opportunities in this book. A big deal was made about her fear of flying and her twin sister dying and it was all so sad and interesting and that plot line was super dumped when the author needed the characters to travel by private jet. So she just got over this fear and the plane crash wasn’t explained in more detail, I call bullshit.

Her twin daughters were geniuses who were also too stupid to live. They regularly burnt all the food by putting plastic into the oven, or this genius move of reducing the time of baking whilst increasing the temperature to compensate for the reduced time. I don’t understand how that works, but I’ll go with it. They were a good addition to the book and they moved the story in the right direction, so I’ll allow it.

So Claire and Jonathan fall in love and he has to convince her that it’s okay for them to be together regardless of the age difference. That was most of the first half of the book. When she finally gets comfortable in the relationship, in comes Jonathan’s deranged mother to spoil everything again. It was exhausting. I’m not going to lie though, it was so very entertaining.

I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy this book. I’ve read it twice. I did immensely (both times), but looking back there were so many weird aspects that I just swept under the rug for the sake of my entertainment and that’s not okay.

Rating: C (too close to Christian Grey’s delusional weirdness for comfort)

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Resisting the Boss / Mid-Life Love
by Whitney G
Release Date: June 19, 2013

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