Review: Bartender With Benefits by Mickey Miller

Reviewed by Ericka

This is the fourth installment in the Blackwell After Dark Series. Out of all of them, this one is my favorite. One of my favorite tropes is when childhood friends become lovers.

Clarissa Hanks has returned home from Harvard to be with her mother after she was diagnosed with cancer. She is also they younger sister of Cole who was the main character in book one, Professor with Benefits. Clarissa doesn’t really know exactly what she wants in life or which direction to start. Mason is Cole’s best friend. He has always had feelings for Clarissa but for the sake of his friendship with Cole he doesn’t act on those feelings. Mason has always wanted to open his own bar. When he goes through the process of getting a business loan they are mistaken as a couple and as business partners and the only way to secure the loan they have to proceed with the fake relationship.

I love this series but this book tops them all. This book had everything that the others were lacking as far as character development towards each other. The relationships all seemed a bit rushed and it felt like the characters did not really know each other. With this installment, it was as if Mason and Clarissa just picked up where they left off at. They each had their own reasons for not getting involved which I think was crap by the way, however it all worked out.

Mason is a genuine sweetheart. He has this exterior of muscle, tattoos, and a beard (perfect.) When people see him they are intimidated by him or try to steer clear of him. He has an attitude of when he sets his goals he is determined to make sure he accomplishes them. He has a motto of living day by day and the rest will figure itself out. Clarissa is known as the good girl. A Harvard graduate like her brother and all around nerd. She has good business skills which proves to be in Mason’s favor.

The writing was good with this installment. Mason’s and Clarissa’s background as friends was a good foundation for their relationship. The angst build up was so good to read because they both had so much to offer one another. When they got together is was like fireworks. It was HOT!

Rating A-

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Bartender With Benefits
by Mickey Miller
Release Date: April 25, 2018

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