Review: Drawn Into Love by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Reviewed by Sara

Drawn into Love, by Aurora Rose Reynolds, is the story of Courtney, a newly divorced paralegal who has recently moved to New York to start over. Thanks to a hefty settlement from her cheating ex husband she is able to purchase a house and an interior architect to design it. Her architect is Lucas Fremont, a sexy single dad. The two are instantly attracted to each other and through misadventures that involve vomit, Courtney and Lucas come together. With Lucas’ daughter Maddie they start building a life together until both their exes make a reappearance, Luckily, love conquers all in this story of love, romance and finding family.

Normally, I try to write a bigger synopsis of the book I’m reviewing, but there really isn’t a whole lot more I can write about the plot here, without revealing spoilers. The storyline and characters are simple. When people write about formulaic Romance novels, this is the type of book they write about. That’s not really a bad thing, it just is what it is. The story, written in the first person perspective, is fairly one dimensional and in my opinion struggled with a lack of detail in some places and too much unnecessary detail in others. For example, Courtney doesn’t really remember how she met her ex husband and had no idea how wealthy he was, like “didn’t bat an eyelash at a 10 million dollar settlement,” wealthy. Then, near the end of the book, she goes into detail about what it was like to be born addicted to crack and then turned over to the foster care system.

I also found the characters really flat. Courtney is adorable, competent and slightly naive, she could also be anyone. There’s nothing that really stands out about her. Likewise with Lucas’ daughter Maddie. Lucas on the other hand is touted as an alpha male, but more often than not came across as more asshole than alpha.  He contradicts Courtney’s decisions throughout the book, flies off the handle often and is continuously growling. Naturally, the exes are conniving, horrible and selfish.

I could have chalked Drawn Into Love as not being for me, forgiven it all the issues I had, and maybe given it a C, but then the author included one of the most obnoxious elements of Romance – the magic peen. If you’re not familiar with the magic peen, it’s a peen so magical that it overcomes years of heartache and expensive medical intervention to dole out the miraculous. It heals the womb of the woman it services most and allows her to reach her full potential, as not just a girlfriend, wife or even a kind stepmother, it allows her to carry a child for the peen-bearer and become the most important thing in the world, a mother. (To be clear, that was sarcasm.) The minute Courtney’s struggles with infertility were mentioned I wondered if the author was going to go there, but hoped that the magic peen had gone the way of Fabio covers and dubious consent. Apparently not.


F rating

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Drawn Into Love
by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Release Date: January 29, 2019
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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