Review: Fatal Invasion by Marie Force

Reviewed by Debz

I had to give myself a week to calm down after reading this book. Otherwise, all you would have gotten was the delusional ravings to an avid fan girl. After a week of introspection and rereading, I have to say I still love it. 

This might be the best Fatal book yet. It had everything I wanted; action, police procedural, witty banter, stable family life and it just felt very well rounded. You can tell the author is very comfortable in the story now. That does not mean that the story has become boring and repetitive, but on the other hand, the characters have become more well rounded and lovely. 

It started off with a bang, let me tell you, and the fun just never stops. You can read this as a stand-alone. The backstory is sufficiently explained where needed that you can pick  this book as your first in the series and not be confused. But I do encourage you to start from the beginning and you’ll thank me later. 

The “littles” have stolen my heart and the way they were introduced into the book, while super heartbreaking will forever be one of my favourite scenes. I’m a super advocate for adoption (kinda spoiler) and with Sam’s fertility issues, this was just a perfect way to add more babies into the mix. 

I’m super happy for Freddie and Elin as well. I can’t believe he has come so far from the first book where he had never been in a relationship to getting married. WHAT!!! Growth. 

Gonzo…oh my God. He has been a mess for a year. And honestly I would be too if that happened to me and my partner. I cannot even bear to read that scene again when I reread the books so I cannot imagine going through it. That being said,  he has handled everything the worst possible way he could have. It’s like there was a scale of options for him to choose from on how to cope with death and he chose going apeshit. It’s always very interesting for me to see police officers who I think we generally expect to be able to deal with death and destruction best just break down and their lives go to shit. 

It’s obvious I didn’t appreciate Gonzo and his actions this book. If I was Christina, I would have left him a lot sooner. I do not appreciate people who are so very clearly suffering but refuse to accept the help of their loved ones who just want to help and worse, go out of their way to alienate them. I’m rooting for him in the future. 

If you were looking for a more nuanced and objective review from me, I’m so very sorry (not sorry) that I’ve been an effusive, babbling fangirl. But you’ll experience this once in a while when my super fave books come out. 

Rating: A (lol what did you expect?!!)

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Fatal Invasion
by Marie Force
Release Date: November 27, 2019
Publisher: HQN Books

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