Review: Gale Force by Rachel Caine

Reviewed by Jen

This book felt like a big departure from the first six installments in the series. Don’t give me wrong, I have been lamenting the fact that Joanne and David haven’t had a moment to even breathe, much less any quality time to enjoy each other. Here, that changes in a big way. The book begins with them happy and in love, so much so that he asks her to marry him.

I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I absolutely love these two together and I felt like they really needed this opportunity to reestablish the relationship. On the other, Rachel Caine completely dropped the ending of the last book. The magnetic poles had reverse on the earth, for crying out loud, and not only are they not trying to fix it, as far as this book is concerned, it never happened at all. That is definitely a departure for this author, because she usually dots every I and crosses every T.

Someone is very upset about the idea of this union. Or someones, I should say. There is a new threat to both the wardens and the djinn. They are the sentinels and their plan of attack is with a substance that the djinn cannot see or even conceive of. It was very interesting to sort of pull these all powerful beings out of the mix in the problem-solving.

But for as much as I enjoy the series, and I did enjoy this book, there were a few things off. I want David to love Joanne as unconditionally as he does, but it’s also a bit concerning how he vacillates back-and-forth between his undying devotion for her and his need to lead his people. In one moment, he is willing to sacrifice everything for her, and then another, it is the opposite. He gave me whiplash.

My other concern, the villains here. The sentinels, the new group I was talking about, is built from disgruntled Wardens. It led to one death that was tough to swallow and I didn’t feel it got enough attention or showed enough emotional repercussion. And then the leader… I don’t even know where to start there. It got a halfhearted explanation, but it felt kind of plucked from the sky. I didn’t believe that person made sense, at least in terms of how he came back. I’m sorry, I’m being cryptic, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

I did enjoy the deep and abiding love that is so obvious between David and Joanne. I loved the friendship that she continues to have with Charise. I am intrigued by poor Kevin and I want to see set a positive resolution for his character. As always, the descriptions of the world through the eyes of the weather wardens are beautiful and lush. I love the world building. And the cliffhanger ending, while kind of a downer, guarantees I will be back to read the next book. This series is quite a ride.

Rating: B

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Gale Force
by Rachel Caine
Release Date: August 5, 2008
Publisher: Ace

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