Review: Marriage Mistake by RS Lively

Reviewed by Debz

I’m always fascinated when I see books set in small town America. It’s has always been interesting to see the difference between them and how they always strive to keep the small town vibe going whilst still growing the economy. Also, the last couple years, it has been doubly fascinating to realize that most of these cutesy, nosy, southern charm small town people would have voted for Donald Trump….I digress guys.

The main characters here are not only star crossed lovers (rich boy/poor girl), they were also each others first loves. There was nothing for me to hate in this novel. The characters were well rounded and likable. Thank God, even though the hero is a generational billionaire, he doesn’t seem proud or aloof. His business is actually quite interesting, so I liked reading about him.

The heroine has had the worst luck. She ran out of her small town once she was given the opportunity but has to come back, tail between her legs after her divorce and going bankrupt. I felt sorry for her. Her ex husband was a douche canoe who alienated her from her family and her job, made her solely dependent on him and dumped her for a younger woman. What an arse.

They meet back in their small town as they’re kinda forced/thrown into planning a send of party for the principal of the school. From working together on one project, they begin working together on so many things that they mistakenly get married. I kid you not guys, I’ve read a lot of books where people get fake married for the stupidest reasons, but this one takes the cake.

See, it is the wish of an eccentric old rich guy to marry people off in an exciting manner. The hero and heroine find a couple willing to get married while skydiving and everything is settled. Until the day before the wedding when the couple break up and in a bid to fulfill this wish, they get married instead. Hat’s off to the author, it had to take some guts and mental finagling to come up with such a convoluted scenario.

Other than that, everything else was chill. They get married, everyone finds out so they can’t annul or divorce immediately like they want to. They decide to pretend marry for a couple months. The woman develops feelings and a pregnancy in that order; decides she wouldn’t bring her child into a loveless marriage and asks for a divorce; man decides he is actually in love and now wants to be married for real this time. You know the drill.

All this would have made the book typically bland, but for the ex. Man, I knew exes, especially those who have done so much wrong can go to weird lengths to get you back. But this guy, this schmuck was a stalker. He rented a house beside his ex-wife and proceeded to harass her for weeks on end. Camping outside her door, flashing his naked body in her face and just doing too much. It was very creepy and the fact that the police refused to arrest him because he hadn’t done anything illegal was very sad. That’s how numerous women die at the hands of their exes and the law is still blasé about it.

Also there was an element of mystery and history that ran through the story with a old school, a fire and old lovers. It was very interesting to see that resolved.

This is a book to read when you’re bored and don’t want to get too invested in a story.

Rating: B- (Bland)

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Marriage Mistake
by RS Lively
Release Date: November 5, 2018

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