Review: Mechanic with Benefits by Mickey Miller

Reviewed by Ericka

This is the second book in the Blackwell stand alone series. It begins being steamy, hot, and a lot of adult sexy time.

Haley is on her way to her sister’s wedding and has to travel alone since she recently broke off her engagement. Her car breaks down in the small town of Blackwell where everything closes early and her options are limited. She is heart broken and desperate. She walks in the rain and stumbles upon a mechanic shop and there she meets the town’s all around jerk, Liam. He is extremely rude and is reluctant to help her. She also puts him in another predicament of being her fake boyfriend for the wedding. After much arguing he agrees but only with one condition. He gets to have her whenever and however he wants her.

This story opens up with a lot of sexual encounters. When I say a lot, it is a lot and all within the first chapter. The tension between them is so thick you can slice it. Even though Liam thinks that Haley is beautiful, he only wants to keep it physical between the two because of his past heartbreak from six years ago. He learned to be mean and dismissive before anyone would get the chance to get close to him. He can come off as being a bit childish in some ways, but Haley is always there to put him in check.

Haley has always been the black sheep of the family. She is living in her sister’s shadow and wants to have her own identity. She loves her family dearly and only wants to make them proud but by doing the things that she loves. She is afraid to step out and take risk but Liam helps her push back those fears and not worry about what others think of her.

There is a plot twist that I don’t think anyone would see coming. It has its moments to make you wonder how the characters will work out their issues. There is a lot of trust issues and the characters deal with self-doubt. Haley and Liam were literally meant for each other with how they both healed each other mentally.

The only con with the story is that the relationship did move along too fast. There was some unresolved issues between the two but it wasn’t anything that could take away from the story. The secondary characters are just as likable with the exception of a few.

This can easily be read in one sitting and leaves you wanting the next installment within the series.

Rating A-

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Mechanic With Benefits
by Mickey Miller
Release Date: July 19, 2017

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