Joint Review: Nightchaser by Amanda Bouchet

Reviewed by Jen & Sara

Jen: As much as I enjoyed the Kingmaker series from Amanda Bouchet, I think I might like this foray into space opera even more. Here, Bouchet has created another great heroine, who is easy to root for, along with a conflicted, flawed, yet very sexy hero. Together, they make for an awesome, angsty romance, set amid a cool futuristic series arc.

You with me so far?

Tess is the captain of a ragtag group of resistance fighters. I’ve seen comparisons to Firefly here and that’s not too far off, except in this case, the crew is made up all of escaped prisoners, including Tess, herself. But there is way more to her than meets the eye. She is the long lost daughter of the Overseer, the meglomaniac dictator of the galaxy. The world thinks she died long ago, but she’s really been hiding—from her father and from who (or what) she is. Tess knows she is different. She’s never been sick a day in her life and her youth was spent undergoing test after test at the hands of scientists. Now she just wants to help the orphans and outworlders long neglected by her father’s oppressive reign. And the book starts with her stealing what she thinks are vaccines to do just that. Spoiler alert: they’re something much more.

Her uncle, a bigwig in her father’s galactic force, chases her down and forces her into hiding on the very planet where the delicious Shade works as a bounty hunter. Of course, Tess doesn’t know that’s his gig. When she meets him, it’s under his guise of a mechanic on the planet. She hires him to fix her ship, and he digs her despite himself. Shade will have to decide whether to follow his heart or cash in the bounty on her that will solve his money problems forever.

I fell into this book so easily. There’s a ton of backstory, but Bouchet does a good job of parceling it out, rather than giving it all in big info-dumps. I loved the concept of the partners/pairs on the prison world and what Jax means to her. In fact, I was down with a lot of the secondary characters and wanted to know more about them. Like the Big Guy. Oooh and the uncle. I think there is way more to him than it appears. –And I’m waiting for that Gus guy to reappear and bite her in the ass.

Sara: I really enjoyed the first two books of the Kingmaker series, but felt a bit let down by the final book in the trilogy. So, I was a little nervous about Nightchaser and how it would play out. Like Jen though, I was easily able to get into the book. Amanda Bouchet is really great at just getting down to the story and allowing the backstory to emerge naturally. Her pacing is fantastic and ensures that I’m both hanging on every written word and that my brain is going double time trying to figure out how all the other crew members and side characters fit together. Honestly, I feel like there’s even something more going on with Tess’ cat, Bonk. By keeping the mystery of characters and backstory instead of info-dumping all over the reader, Amanda Bouchet really ramps of the excitement and intrigue of Nightchaser, ensuring by the time I was finished that I couldn’t wait for book two.

Jen: There is not a ton of time spent in space. Most of the book is set in the dry dock where the ship is being repaired, but that didn’t bother me. I was super-invested in Tess’s backstory and her relationship with Shade. The romance worked for me and there was good tension and sexy times that satisfied.

Sara: For me there was just the right amount of outer space. I find sometimes that books in space can often get bogged down describing the settings or the science behind the story, but luckily, Bouchet doesn’t have this problem. The romance between Tess and Shade was also great and felt very organic. Also, even though I could see their conflict coming from a mile away, the way everything played out between the two lovers and the resolution of that conflict was really rewarding.

Jen: I am excited to see where this series goes from here. And I wouldn’t mind a spinoff book on Jax… and his delicious tortured, messed up self.

Sara: I found Nightchaser to be really well-paced, with great characters, a romance I felt invested in and just enough information to keep me wanting more. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in this series and like Jen would be all over a book on Jax.

Jen’s Rating: A
Sara’s Rating: A

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by Amanda Bouchet
January 1, 2018
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca


  1. Ok. I’ve been on the fence about reading this one, but I think you’ve pushed me off the fence. I’ll read it soonish. I need to go back and try her Kingmaker series again. Loved the first book, but felt Meh about the second book and stopped about 1/2 through it.

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