Review: Thin Air by Rachel Caine

Reviewed by Jen

I get that I am starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to these books, but I can’t help it. They are just so good! This sixth installment in the Weather Warden series takes a major risk with an amnesia storyline and it pays off in spades. I have read other series where the author took a chance on this trope and it resulted in a 300-page waste of space, but not here. Not only did Rachel Caine maintain the awesome pacing, and character interaction, she advanced the overall plot.

This book picks up right on the heels of the last one. Joanne wakes up naked and freezing in the woods with no idea who she is or how she got there. She quickly encounters Lewis and David, but she doesn’t recognize them either. Someone–or something–is hunting them, and it manifests itself as demon hiding inside Kevin and Cherise. In a surprising display of power she isn’t supposed to have, Joanne is able to put Cherise back together. But that earth power doesn’t want to behave itself; it eventually tempts Joanne to push too far, taking memories that don’t belong to her and putting her on the wrong side of the wardens. It only goes downhill after that when Eamon and Sarah re-enter the picture and the demon takes Joanne’s face, hoping to take over her whole life.

The evil twin angle worked well here. I loved how hard Joanne fights, despite the odds against her. The demon does such a good job convincing everyone she is Joanne–it was awesome to see each of them come to realize the truth.

The loss of Imara is tough, even seeing it through the somewhat detached eyes of an amnesiac Jo, but the resolution of this part of the storyline is one I can live with. Kudos to Caine for how well she draws her characters. I wanted to set Sarah on fire here. And I wanted to wrap David and Jo up in warm hugs. They’ve been through so much, but there is so much love and passion there. It was also very cool seeing Joanne through the eyes of the other characters.

The descriptions of the world through Othersight is amazing. The djinn are wonderfully alien and enigmatic. God, how I love to hate Ashan. And as always, the ending not only wraps up the story, but opens up a whole new future for the series. I can’t wait to see what adventures Joanne is facing next. Hopefully, she can have just a moment to take a breath, but I won’t count on it.

Rating: B+

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Thin Air
by Rachel Caine
Release Date: August 7, 2007
Publisher: Roc

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