Review: Tikka Chance On Me by Suleikha Snyder

Reviewed by Sara

Suleikha Snyder’s novella, “Tikka Chance On Me” is a lot of things; it’s a small town romance, a Motorcycle Club romance, an interracial romance and most of all a fan-freaking-tastic Romance.

University of Chicago student, Pinky Grover, has come back to small town Eastville, Indiana, to help with her family’s Indian restaurant when her mother gets sick. Eastville hasn’t changed since she was in high school, except the local motorcycle club has recruited a new enforcer and it’s none other than local bad boy legend, Trucker Carrigan. Pinky is smart, but there’s something about Trucker that makes all reason leave her head. She knows Trucker is a bad bet, but there’s something about him, something she can’t quite put her finger on that makes her think that maybe a walk on the wild side might not be such a bad idea.

Trucker loves Indian food, but it’s not the only reason he frequents Eastville’s Taj Mahal. Trucker can’t seem to help himself when it comes to Pinky. He knows he’s bad for her and that the secrets he has mean not only that there can’t possibly be a future with Pinky, but also that her life could be in jeopardy.

When Pinky and Trucker finally act on their attraction, it’s explosive and what starts as a quick no-strings arrangements becomes more to these two characters who seem to be complete opposites. However, the secrets Trucker keeps can’t help, but cause conflict. Is a happily ever after possible for these two lovers?

I really enjoyed “Tikka Chance On Me.” My love for word puns aside, it was the perfect combination of everything I love in a great story. It had well developed characters, a solid storyline, mystery, romance, action, humor and heart and somehow Suleikha Snyder managed to cram all of that into a novella. Normally, while I may enjoy a novella I usually feel unsatisfied by what is essentially a sample of a story. Tikka Chance On Me is a complete story just in a smaller format. Even though it was under 100 pages it had enough content and character to feel like an entire novel.

Another thing I really enjoyed in Tikka Chance On Me is Suleikha Snyder’s refusal to play into stereotypes. Yes, Pinky is a dutiful Indian daughter, but she’s also snarky, uninhibited and kind of geeky. While Trucker, our biker bad boy, is more than just a Charlie Hunnam/Sons of Anarchy knock-off, he’s thoughtful, smart and also kind of geeky. Suleikha Snyder doesn’t write these two as 2 dimensional, but instead builds their characters up with layer after layer of complexities. In so doing, she also avoids the stereotypical plot of many interracial Romances; Pinky and Trucker aren’t from different worlds, they both grew up in Eastville, but one of them comes from an immigrant family and the other’s chosen family is a bunch of criminals. Their ethnicity and cultural differences, while obvious, aren’t what drives the story, their complex characters are.

While I really can’t say a lot about the ending without ruining it… I loved it. I thought it was somehow both real and magical at the same time. It worked perfectly for the characters of Pinky and Trucker and it’s really is just another testament to Suleikha Snyder‘s talent as a writer.

If you’re looking for a novella with the content and character heft of a full novel, a novella that has great complex characters, and a novella that will leave you fulfilled in mind and heart, check out Suleikha Snyder’s, “Tikka Chance On Me.”

Rating: A+

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Tikka Chance on Me
by Suleikha Snyder
Release Date: November 13, 2018


  1. I read this the other day due to the recent brouhaha on Twitter, and I thought it was funny, sexy, sweet and satisfying as a novella. I also can’t unimagine Trucker as Chris Evens – yum!

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