Review: Warrior of the World by Jeffe Kennedy

Reviewed by Jen

I picked this up right on the heels of Jeffe Kennedy’s novella in Seasons of Sorcery. That Harlan short really primed me to continue the series. (You would be fine reading the book without it, but why would you want to?)

Anyway, this picks up immediately after the conclusion of Exile of the Seas. Jenna/Ivariel is recovering both physically and emotionally from her husband’s attack in the last book. It’s a struggle. She fears that a monster lives inside of her, one capable of killing without compunction. And she doesn’t want to harm the makeshift family she has grown to love.

Ochieng wants to make a life with her, but she fears she is not worthy and will never be able to be a wife to him in truth. A fair enough concern, given all she’s been through. At the same time, and neighboring clan is threatening the community where they live. Ivariel must decide if she is willing to pick up her weapons again to defend her new home.

I enjoyed this final book in the trilogy, though at times I did wish it would move a little faster. Don’t get me wrong, with all Ivariel went through in the first book and even the second, you do get why her healing has to be a journey. I just kind of thought it would get further than it did here. There are tender moment between her and Ochieng, but I wanted more. And I don’t just mean the lovely epilogue. To be honest, I often have a similar complaint in all of Kennedy‘s books. The story is great and I totally support the romance, but the books always end immediately after a resolution and I don’t get time to really enjoy the couple together.

I also really hoped somehow that we would end up in the same timeline as the novella I mentioned it, but I suppose it makes more sense for that to happen in A Twelve Kingdoms/ Uncharted Realms book. I just want everything and I wanted to know.

Despite a little bit of action, both in the battlefield and the bedroom, overall this is a gentle book. A book about a woman finding her true self and coming to peace with it. It’s only the romance reader in me that wants more of the relationship. When you look at the big picture, the whole series is about this woman’s journey, so it does stay on point in that regard.

Overall, this is a really good companion trilogy to 12 Kingdoms. It has some difficult content, specifically in book one, but it is worth the read overall.

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Warrior of the World
by Jeffe Kennedy
Release Date: January 8, 2019
Publisher: Rebel Base Books


  1. I agree. Book one was very tough, the the second two books are much less dark. Great review.

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