Review: Anything Once by Meka James

Reviewed by Jen

Full disclosure, I met Meka James a few months ago on Twitter and she is a lovely person. Between that and the ultra-gorgeous cover, I picked up her book, despite the fact I don’t read much erotic romance. But I’ll tell you what, the lady can write some good sex.

The story focuses on a married couple, Ian and Quinn, who hit a bump in their marriage when Quinn catches Ian jerking off to porn. She is devastated, and once they address what happened, they discover each of them have been quietly and inadvertently hurting their marriage and each other with how they deal with their own unhappiness and insecurities. Though the porn and subsequent conversations about their sex life cover one thread, infertility and their feelings about that issue make up the other.

Let’s tackle the infertility first. Though I felt like it was a smaller thread than the sex stuff, I thought James handled this with balance and sensitivity. It would be easy to paint this as a “Quinn issue,” but the entire point was that her heartbreak over it hurt her husband, because in her grief, she shut him out. Ian’s internalization of his “fault” in their infertility gave his character dimension and highlighted how much this is a couple’s issue and not simply a source of sadness for just the man or woman who mourns their inability to have a child the way they want to. From a realism standpoint, this conflict worked much better for me than the porn.

You see, that plotline required a high level of suspension of disbelief for me. That a 30+ year old sexually active woman was so innocent as to have never given a single blow job or had sex anywhere but the bedroom was a tough pill to swallow. But, if you can go with that, the way James details the sexual evolution of the couple is really quite good. The book has a lot of sex. It’s varied in its style, positions, locations, etc. And each and every sex scene felt fresh and different from the others in the book. This is no small thing. I’ve read a lot of sex on page in my life and occasionally it all starts to blend together. Big kudos to James because I never felt tempted to skim a single time.

Other props come for featuring an older/established couple. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about missing the falling in love parts, but the rediscovery between these characters still satisfied me. And once more, James built a conflict without cheating or any unforgivable mistakes. I found Ian very likable and I loved how much he loved his wife. Quinn, for me, read a bit younger than her age, but I feel like her character definitely progressed in her arc and I believed these two could find happiness, no matter what their future held.

Be warned, not everything is tied up in a neat bow, but it gave me the sense that life goes on for these two, and whatever they faced, they would work it out together.

Would read from this author again.

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Anything Once
by Meka James
Release Date: January 22, 2019
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

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