Review: Daylight Again by SE Jakes

Reviewed by Jen

It’s been years since the last time I read a book in this series…so long, in fact, I couldn’t remember why I stopped. I went back and read my old reviews for the first two installments. I talked about how they reminded me of the Cut and Run series, and that I liked them. I’d forgotten about the Mal and Cillian spinoff that disappointed me so much.

Anyway, what I got here—after jumping back in—was something of a mixed bag. Some things are done very, very well. Other things, distanced me from the romance and the bigger picture story.

The book starts strong out of the gate with a super-hot sex scenes between our heroes. And damn, SE Jakes can write some phenomenal banging. The sex between Prophet and Tommy is guaranteed to be frequent, varied, and off the chain. So put that in the win column.

Prophet is struggling hard with flashbacks/PTSD and the secrets he is withholding from his lover about his ex, John, and his deteriorating eyesight. The thing is, Prophet has never been able to really let anyone in, so I understand why this is all so hard for him. But he wants to be honest, and gets there, incrementally.

The relationship between the two heroes is complicated. It feels like it leans heavily on their sexual connection, but there is real love there, and we’re finally getting to a place where they can admit this to themselves and each other. All of that is great.

Where I struggled, though, is with the huge cast of characters and extremely complicated backstory. Remember, I did read the other books and the spinoff, but other than Mal, Cillian, and John, I couldn’t keep all the other characters straight—and I, for sure, couldn’t remember what I was and wasn’t supposed to know or remember about how we got to this place. It was too much… too many people… too much military stuff (like WTH is a specialist again?)… and too many moving parts.

Now, savvier readers than me are clearly out there. This book is beloved by so many. So, for sure, maybe the issues are mine. Maybe I just should’ve bit the bullet and reread the previous books before jumping back in. YMMV.

But, I will for sure, finish the series to see how it all plays out with John, Tommy, and Prophet. I’m curious to see what their happy ever after will look like.

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Daylight Again
by SE Jakes
Release Date: May 5, 2014
Publisher: Riptide

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