Review: Heart of the Deep by Tiffany Roberts

Reviewed by Caitlin

I don’t read a lot of paranormal romance; I mostly stick to historical, contemporary, and romcom. And I’m not big into romances between a human and a non-human (no ghosts or vampires for me, thanks!), but I was very curious about how a kraken/human romance would work, so I started with the first book of the series (reviewed by Jen a while back) and sped through the books.

Because yes, while kraken are half-human, half-octopus (and therefore there is something, ah, close to tentacle porn in these pages), Tiffany Roberts focuses on creating a moving love story between two people rather than on the more eye-widening aspects of such a pairing. The world they create is fascinating and detailed, and I found myself wanting to know more about the history of this universe in addition to learning about how the protagonists were going to find their HEA.

Dracchus is the de facto leader of the kraken, even if he doesn’t feel like he deserves the position. However, his selflessness and commitment to the others – as well as his natural leadership and imposing physicality – make it pretty obvious from the get-go that he is the right guy for the job. He has recently come around to the humans after the human mates of the first three books have proven themselves. When he is kidnapped and held hostage by humans hunting for the kraken, he is even understanding of their fear of the unknown. He’s intrigued by the female human who brought him down, loving her strength and believing her independence and spirit makes her a perfect math for himself. He decides almost immediately to make her his mate.

Larkin just wants to find her brother, and when she learns he’s alive and living with the kraken from Dracchus himself, she is both ecstatic to hear he’s not dead and devastated to learn he left without a word. He didn’t exactly have a choice (how is he going to communicate from underwater to people who want to kill the members of his new community?), but it still hurts Larkin.

Larkin is attracted to Dracchus (obviously – Dracchus is every good attribute of a typical alpha hero without any of the bullshit and a sincere appreciation for giving head), but she doesn’t buy into fated mates and she’s not comfortable with a relationship with a kraken right away. But she comes to love her new family, the other members of the Facility (the underground home once built by human scientists centuries ago), and even the idea of a life and family shared with Dracchus. There are enemies both human and kraken, but Larkin and Dracchus are worthy protagonists – both together and separately.

An easy and enjoyable read, and a good entry to the genre for a paranormal newbie.

Rating: B+

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Heart of the Deep
by Tiffany Roberts
Release Date: May 29, 2018

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