Review: Meant to Be Kept by Amelia Foster

Reviewed by Jen

Cheating is a hard pass for some readers, no matter what the circumstances, so be warned at the outset, the issue is the starting point of this entire story. But the cheating isn’t what the book is about–this is about what happens to a marriage after it’s fractured and how the couple got to this place to begin with.

Meant to Be Kept is really two stories told in tandem: present day, where Isabelle learns her husband kissed another woman, and in the past where we follow the evolution of their relationships through a series of flashbacks that chronicle touchstone moments.

Here’s the thing. We get a peek inside the POVs of both characters. Izzy is, of course, devastated. But so is Tanner. He hates himself for his drunken decision and he is dedicated to making amends and winning his wife back. Now, I get that some readers may not be able to sympathize with Tanner out of principle, and I can respect that. But the entire point of the book is watching him come to realize, his greatest sin wasn’t in a single indiscretion, but in several years of growing distant from his wife and losing the man he was when they first met.

That’s where the flashbacks are so important. Through them, you can really see how and why Izzy fell in love with her husband, and what an amazing man he was while building the foundation of their relationship. His mission is to become that man all over again.

It’s easy to sympathize with Izzy. She is, after all, the wounded party. But for those asking why she doesn’t just leave, well, that question strikes at the heart of it all. These two have a dozen years of love, memories, and family. She has to weigh whether it’s worth it for her to fight, despite her heartbreak.

If you’re worried that this is a book about a guy who just gets a pass on cheating, it’s not. But if you’re looking for a story about an established relationship with a couple fighting for their HEA, check it out.

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Meant to be Kept
by Amelia Foster
Release Date: January 22, 2019
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

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