Review: Queen Heir by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone

Reviewed by Debz

Finding this book happened organically and serendipitously. I was bored on New Year’s day (there’s only so much food and drinks you can consume during the Christmas period before you’re over it) and I decided to glance through my recommended books and I found it. The blurb was interesting so I bought the first book to test the waters and I cannot say I regret it. I’ve got amazing judgment skills guys.

The story is like a mix between Harry Potter type fantasy and Hunger Games and all that paranormal fantasy loveliness.  The world building here is fantastic (although sparse at times.) The authors decided to look into shifter mythology through the eyes of the fae. Here, the shifters are distant children from the marriage of a specific species of the fae and humans. Add into this, the source of their power called “Mecca” and it just bring about a lovely and fresh new idea into this genre.

In the first installment of this series, the Queen of Wolves is dead and a new Queen must be chosen after a series of contests to protect the wolves from enemies. 

First of all, guys, the wolves are matriarchal and women are the Alphas and Queens and everything important and I love that. Powerful women are allowed to take mates for breeding purposes and dump them when they’re done, and if that’s not perversely satisfying, I don’t know what is.

This book just felt so badass and I fell in love with the main characters. Arianna, our main character, is one of the Queen heirs who must battle it out for the crown after the death of her Queen and Aunt. Not only does she have to prepare her mind for the arduous task ahead, she also has to evade sabotage from other Queen heirs and the other mysterious entity killing wolf shifters.

She is the clear favorite to win the games, but it still felt suspenseful finding out the games and guessing how everything turns out. In addition to the games, she has to figure out who killed her Aunt and how to make them pay. The obvious choice are the bears; the other set of shifters and the sworn enemies of the wolves. It is obvious (to Arianna and her gang at least) that someone is trying very hard to set up the bears in order to cause a war between the two factions. It is not up to her to figure out the ulterior motive and save the day (basically.)

She teams up with the Wolf King, Kade, and his advisors and together, she wins her place as a Queen of the Wolves and uncover the secret of the long forgotten fae people.

I loved Arianna and Kade’s relationship. Two kids who meet at 15 and cannot forget each other regardless of how much time had passed. As the King and Queen of warring factions of shifters, a romantic relationship between them is near impossible so they have to settle for friendship and it’s just so pure.

I had one slight problem, though, and that was the age of the characters. They acted so mature and made such good decisions that it was baffling to me that they were only about 20 years old. Also, if I was a shifter, I wouldn’t entrust the governing of our whole nation on a 20 year old. I felt like if they had been slightly aged to their late 20s, that would have made more sense.

If you can’t guess from how gushy I was, I loved this book. I also have tried not to give too many spoilers so you’ll love it as much as I did. I have read all 4 books in the series now 3 times (each) and it never gets boring. Give it a read. 

Rating: A

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Queen Heir
by Jaymin Eve and Leia Stone
Release Date: December 13, 2016

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