Review: Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Reviewed by Ericka

I had mixed feelings about this book. I have read my fair share of dominant alpha males but this one was disappointing and frustrating.

November moved from New York to Tennessee to live with her father following a brutal attack. Her father owns a strip club and offers her a job working with the bookkeeping and financials during closing hours. The one time she is there during operating hours, she is confronted by the security guard Asher Mayson. When she first meets Asher he is rude, mean, and has some out of line assumptions.

This story had a promising background and synopsis, but the writing was not so great. In some cases insta-love when written well is good and justifiable but this was not the case. November really did not have any type of backbone towards Asher. In fact, there was some scenes where it felt like she was being treated as a child. November by herself is a strong character because of what she went through, but when it came time to stand up for herself to Asher she always gave in to whatever he wanted. She used the “Let’s agree to disagree” phrase.

Whatever Asher wanted, he got it. He was a pushover and gave no independence to November. The small independence she did get it was like pulling teeth! There was no connection with the characters together and they both were one dimensional. The exception that I will give him is that he had small parts that deemed himself a likable character. Overall, he was suffocating.

The plot was very predictable. It was so obvious as to who was behind the stalking and cryptic messages. There was a lot of repetitive phrases that just seemed redundant as the story went on. I rolled my eyes so much while reading this book. Again, so much potential but could have been written better.

I believe this story is either you love it or don’t. I really wanted to love it but this one just was not for me.

Rating D-

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Until November
by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Release Date: September 15, 2013

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