Review: The Fearless King by Katee Robert

Reviewed by Sara

Book two in Katee Robert’s Kings Series, The Fearless King is set in Houston Texas and centers around the eldest King daughter, Journey, and the family’s oil company. As one of the oldest King siblings, Journey clearly remembers the abuse suffered at the hand of her estranged father, so when he arrives at the company she runs in tandem with her brother Anderson she knows it can’t be good. Her father’s plan to have her psychologically assessed by a psychologist on his payroll and deemed unfit to be COO is even worse than she thought. The years of abuse her father inflicted on her have taken their toll, and Journey often feels a hair’s breadth away from dissolving into a useless heap of fear and nerves. This is how Journey finds herself asking for help from the last person she should ask for help, Frank Evans.

Frank Evans, entrepreneur and collector of information, never expected to be approached by Journey King. As the best friend to her estranged cousin and business rival and the reason her mother is no longer welcome in Houston, to say that Frank and Journey have differences is putting it mildly. The thing Journey doesn’t know about Frank though is that he’s a fixer, a veritable white knight who can’t help but step up when he sees a person struggling, especially a woman and especially a woman that pushes all of his sexual buttons like Journey.

In a story that gets more suspenseful as more secrets are revealed, Frank and Journey learn to trust each other and trust the emotions growing between them while discovering that sometimes the knight in shining armour is needed more support than defending, because sometimes the King had it in her all along.

I really enjoyed The Fearless King! Katee Robert does a really great job of balancing all the elements of the story. There’s elements of drama, suspense, romance and plain out sexiness and all of them work together in a really organic way; no element seemed forced or over used. Now, I didn’t realize that this is the second book in Robert’s Kings series, so there were a couple times that I felt having that extra history would have been helpful. Overall though, this can easily be read as a stand-alone.

The main characters, Frank and Journey were a real treat to read. Each character had a well defined backstory and clear motivations. The two fit well together as a couple, were easy to relate to and invest in emotionally. I particularly liked watching Journey come to realize her own potential and overcome her horrible past. Side characters were also well written and generously fleshed out. I’m looking forward to reading about the other King siblings.

Katee Robert does romance with dark secrets and intense family drama really well.I highly recommend The Fearless King and look forward to reading more from the King series.

Rating: A

ARC received from publisher for honest review.

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The Fearless King
by Katee Robert
Release Date: February 5, 2019

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