Review: Big Stick by R.C. Stephens

Reviewed by Ericka

This is a second chance and friends to lovers romance that I absolutely loved! It has hockey too :).

Myles and Flynn grew up together as best friends with Flynn’s twin brother Oli. They each pegged themselves as the Lost Boys and later Flynn became Myles’s Tinkerbell (Tink). Tragedy happens and it creates a rift in the friendship with Myles and Flynn. They finally reconnect after seven years when Flynn moves in with Oli after she catches her boyfriend cheating and later finding out that Myles is living next door.

I loved Flynn as a character. She has a job that she loves as an attorney which has her bringing home work a lot. She isn’t fragile like her brother Oli and Myles make her out to be. Everyone that she loves, she always puts them first. Even when it is clear that she hasn’t fully grieved the loss of her parents, she still finds strength everyday to smile and face the world.

Myles is haunted by his own secrets that concern Flynn. He has a lot of guilt that he harbors which explains why he distance himself from Flynn. He has a heart of gold and will do anything to protect Flynn, while knowing that there is a slight chance that he could lose her. The only middle ground that they both share is Flynn’s brother, who is Myles best friend.

The chemistry between Myles and Flynn was written so well. They started out as childhood best friends. The both had a small crush on each other but they valued their friendship more. They both had a lot of forgiving towards each other. There was so much hurt and guilt between the two that it was damaging to them both.

This is a short read with a little under 300 pages. It is told from dual points of view. It also has slight trigger warnings of alcoholism and the repercussions of drunk driving.

The epilogue summed up the story really well and this is a series to be continued.

Rating B+

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Big Stick
by RC Stephens
Release Date: September 17, 2018
Publisher: Entangled

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